Wi-Fi Portals - Enabling CSPs to create a lasting impression


Wi-Fi Portals-Enabling CSPs to create a lasting impression

Wi-Fi Portals-Enabling CSPs to create a lasting impression

Wi-Fi Portals - Enabling CSPs to create a lasting impression
         It is rightly said, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression”. This thought very well holds true for the CSPs as well in terms of creating their impression on their customers. There are many customer facing platforms in the market which helps CSPs to befriend their customer by making their user data experience simple and clear.  One such platform is Captive Portal…when Wi-Fi has become something what everybody wants, Captive Portal becomes the front face of the CSPs who provides Wi-Fi. Nowadays, what CSPs want for their customers is a seamless experience. No headaches, very simple to use, easy and user friendly portals to enable Wi-Fi access to their offload users, roaming as well users accessing Wi-Fi at Public venues – but not by comprising the advantages it provides to the business. Captive Portal is considered as one of the brand creation tool which has become one of the marketing platforms for CSPs along with the features if offering ease of login, connectivity, authentication and revenue opportunities it provides. Captive portal helps the CSPs with various offerings
  • Drives Business and generates revenue with Location specific personalized branding and advertisement capabilities: The most flourishing companies take benefit of the virtually limitless potential the captive portal possesses to raise brand awareness by utilizing its less apparent abilities. For example, captive portals can feature timed injection advertisements, which ensure that end users perform a desired action or view said ads or an ad video commercial for a certain amount of time before being permitted to view another screen or avail free Wi-Fi service. Portals can also display your company’s logo, exclusive deals, and requests to link to your company’s social media accounts.

    CSPs can have customized Captive Portal with advertisement and branding capabilities over user friendly GUI. This facilitates end users with location / venue specific differential web pages to display. Support for Sponsored Wi-Fi in platform enables display of dedicated static and dynamic location specific advertisements with personalized touch based on location, user demographics and preferences. It is a sort of mobile billboard for renting advertising space to retailer, advertisers, etc.
  • Wi-Fi access from any device with Device agnostic responsive Portals & multi lingual support: The portal must have capability to be loaded across any kind of OS (windows, iOS, android etc.) in any of the smart devices. Unlike one size fits all approach, the portals be it via mobile apps, laptops or desktops, it should be adaptive in nature suitable to fit in any screen size. Portals must have multi – lingual support – easier for different communities to access easily.
  • Highly secured access with multiple authentication and payment support: The portal login process must be a cake walk for the users. Should be highly secured and support multiple methods of authentication including OTP, voucher, credit / debit card, social media etc.
  • Flexibility  of Design your own portal approach: With Single click drag and drop facility, the user interface should be such that any non technical staff should also be able to design service offerings or make changes as needed as per venue. The menus and display can be easily placed as per requirement of the location / provider without any hassle.
  • Providing Insights & analysis: Analyse and Track the results of access of those who have entered your Wi-Fi portal to gauge the interests. This information will paint a clearer insight of your business’ target demographic and preferences so that you can plan marketing campaigns accordingly.
Wi-Fi Captive Portal – A sack of Opportunities achieving big gains There are many ways in which Captive Portal can be a lucrative opportunity for the CSPs to generate revenues and means by which they can maximize the usage of their Captive Portal deployments. It’s just the right selection of the vendor that helps in creating a value addition and difference across the ecosystem. Elitecore a leading provider of Wi-Fi Service Management Platform (SMP) offer feature rich Captive Portal and other Wi-Fi offerings. Click here to know More Request for Elitecore Captive Portal Datasheet

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Wi-Fi Portals-Enabling CSPs to create a lasting impression

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