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Building a Robust Next-Generation Software-Defined Network

The Software Defined Network or SDN market was worth USD 13.7 billion in 2020; by 2025, the market value may increase to USD 32.7 billion. According to marketsandmarkets.com, the SDN market will have a CAGR of 19.0%. The growth has the following characteristics: Digitalization attempts by India, China, and Southeast Asia drive the primary growth […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Right Fiber Termination Box For Your Network

Fiber optic networks have gained significant popularity in recent years as the demand for increased network speed has been consistently rising across the planet. Due to its high-speed data transmission with low attenuation, particularly for long-distance deployments, fiber optic networks are widely accepted in high-bandwidth applications. This includes mission-critical applications such as surveillance camera systems. Single-mode […]

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What are ORAN, DRAN, cRAN, and vRAN?

RAN means radio access networks that form the link between a user’s device (smartphones, tablets, etc.) and other places in the network. A RAN has three components: i) Antennas- that convert electrical signals to electromagnetic waves; ii) Radios-that ensure electrical signals are transmittable, and iii) Base Band Units (BBUs)- that process signals for wireless communication. […]

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What is server virtualization?

When a server is virtualized, many abstracted virtual instances can be made and run on the same physical machine. With server virtualization, you may hide the number of actual servers, the processors, and the operating systems. Single-application computer hardware and software used to be the norm. This sometimes resulted in servers being limited to processing […]

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What is a network switch?

Network switches are computer network devices that help manage data flow. These switches have a memory and can identify devices connected to them; they can look up the arriving data packets, find the destination address, and deliver information to the correct device. A network switch in a computer network is essential if you want to […]

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Access Point (AP) in Wireless LAN

WThe Internet has become part of everyone’s life through broadband or mobile network 4G and the currently booming 5G. India had around 92.57 million internet users in 2010 and reached approximately 932 million in early 2022. The projection is 1.5 billion internet users by the year 2040, indicating that most things in the future will […]

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A Quick Guide to ONT (Optical Network Terminal)

Optical fibers are the information superhighways of the modern world. And to use it better, it helps to get familiar with some, if not all, of the individual technology components it comes with. In this blog, we’ll explore Optical Network Terminal (ONT) — what it is, its purpose, and how it works. What is an […]

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Open RAN: Optimise TCO in a Smarter Way

Open RAN is fast becoming mainstream. Slowly but surely, Open RAN has taken center stage in the world of virtualized Radio Access Networks (RAN). The number of service providers adopting Open RAN approaches has been steadily increasing every year. In 2021, mobile network operators (MNOs) tested pilot projects in emerging and rural markets. This year, […]

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Network Segmentation – Optimum Data Protection

Everyone who runs internal systems, whether physical or virtual, to support their company’s demands for network security must be aware of their responsibilities. There is no substitute for network segmentation when it comes to protecting your data. Segmentation becomes more critical as the design becomes more complex. Businesses that rely solely on software as a […]

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How O-RAN helps network operators focus on the lowest TCOs, not price

‘There is nothing, absolutely nothing more important than meeting our basic human needs.’ ~ Simon Cohen Connectivity: The New Necessity As human beings, we all have some basic needs without which we cannot survive. Air, water, food, and shelter are the ‘essentials’ that have helped humans flourish since time immemorial. Surprisingly, basic human needs have […]

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Leverage RIC to unlock RAN’s true potential

Connectivity: The past, the present and future Remember the days of dial-up Internet connections, when we used to get irritated as the Internet moved like a snail. Surely, each one of us has a few distant, hazy memories of those days. At present, technology is available to us at the touch of a button. However, […]