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10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Wi-Fi 6 Now!

5G and Wi-Fi-6 working in tandem is the most trending tech news spreading like wildfire across the digital world. As the number of internet users has skyrocketed like never before. Currently, around 5.03 billion people will be using the internet in 2022, and the numbers will increase further with the 5G network becoming more prominent worldwide. To […]

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Importance of A WiFi Management System

The days when businesses could function with spotty connectivity are long gone. Modern companies extensively depend on WiFi for business productivity, primarily due to the rise of BYOD policies. However, if too many devices use an under-resourced WiFi network, business productivity will suffer. WiFi management offers a solution to this problem. Well managed WiFi ecosystem […]

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WiFi6 – A much-needed upgrade

Here’s a fascinating question to start this with: do you think about oxygen when you breathe? Now, you might be wondering how is this question related to WiFi6. Just like oxygen, a blanket of data envelops the world today. Almost. And just like oxygen, it is difficult to imagine life without the comfort of always-on […]

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What is Mesh Wi-Fi?

Mesh Wi-Fi offers a seamless Wi-Fi network to every corner of your house or office. While traditional routers transmit Wi-Fi from a single point, mesh networks have a series of access points or nodes spread across your facility. Together, all the dispersed nodes act as a single router to wipe out any Wi-Fi dead spots […]

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The Undisputable Potential of WiFi 6.0

5G is the talk of the town, with all the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) starting to support 5G. One might think that the next-generation wireless networks in the enterprise will revolve almost around 5G, but equally important is the 802.11ax wireless standard, commonly known as Wi-Fi 6. WiFi is essential for connectivity Wi-Fi 6 was […]

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Better future of IoT with Next-Gen Wi-Fi Solution

In 2021, active IoT devices reached 12.3 billion and became a USD 15.85 billion industry. However, while IoT has touched most of our lives, it has still not bloomed to its fullest. And the one thing that is not letting IoT reach its maximum potential is connectivity. Every IoT device needs to be connected to […]

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Wi-Fi 7: The upcoming next-gen Wi-fi transformation

Last year saw the WiFi Alliance announce the latest version of WiFi6 called WiFi6E – E referred to as ‘killer WiFi’ or ‘extended’.  Wi-Fi 6 Extended offers the ability to leverage the 6 GHz band for unlicensed Wi-Fi operations. But there is a new Wi-Fi all ready to compete and displace the other versions with […]

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The Future is connected with 5G & WiFi

Organizations adopting next-generation wireless technologies (5G, WiFi 6) strongly believe it is a foundation for transforming their enterprises and industries. It can unlock the power of other emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and edge computing. Having entered the market at a similar time, WiFi 6 and 5G have similar capabilities […]

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WiFi6: High-Speed Connectivity via Next-Gen Wi-Fi

We discuss the following topics in this blog: In addition to these topics, we shall also be answering the following FAQs: Is WiFi6 Truly the Next-Gen WiFi? The new standard of Wi-Fi 802.11ax, also known as Next-gen Wi-Fi or WiFi6, has arrived, bringing around a new way, in network connectivity and improved customer experience with […]

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STL’s Effective WiFi Monetization Strategy

We discuss the following topics in this blog: In addition to these topics, we shall also be answering the following FAQs: Overview Monetizing Wi-Fi presents a challenge for many service providers, as only a few customers are ready to pay for Wi-Fi services, however with a Wi-Fi service monetization platform (Wi-Fi SMP), there is a shift […]