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Artistry and Ambition: Women at Ikigai Exhibition

They say – When going gets tough, then tough gets going. This stands true for our women artisans at Jeewan Jyoti. What started a few years back as a need to support family and contribute financially has turned into talent. And yes! Our women are shining and exhibiting their talent on different platforms. Amidst the […]

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Its time to get water positive by 2030

The most crucial component of life is water. All living creatures, including plants, animals, and everything in between, need it to survive. But it’s also essential for businesses to survive. Without it, businesses are unable to run their facilities or create game-changing goods. However, there is a problem: Water is swiftly turning into a valuable […]

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Committing to Sustainability with responsible sourcing

Do you know that emissions from many of the end products account for 80% of the total carbon emissions? A majority of these emissions occur through the supply chain due to energy usage and industrial processes. Incorporating value-driven sustainable practices into sourcing and procurement operations has never been more compelling. Securing a sustainable supply chain […]

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Ways to Mitigate Challenges in CSR

We discuss the following topics in this blog: In addition to these topics, we shall also be answering the following FAQs: Transition in CSR CSR is going through a huge transition in our country and in this evolving landscape not only big corporates but also NGOs are involved to great extent and when I say […]

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Blended Finance Gives Access To Finance For CSR

Kartik: Now coming to Arindam and then Shantanu you know, of course, Arindam There’s so much amazing work that and, your institution, have been doing in financial enablement, specifically in agriculture. And I think what’s kind of agriculture is deeply impactful, emotive, a relevant issue both from a farmer’s income and farmers dignity, perspective. And […]

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Outcome Funding For CSR

We discuss the following topics in this blog: What is Outcome Funding? Outcome funding in India, which is typically when you pay not for the cost of the efforts but rather as results have been achieved. Which are the pre-agreed and predetermined outcomes. In India, this is extremely limited. So we do need to unlock […]

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CSR And Impact Investment

Impact investment provides beings to the social sector to address the world’s most pressing challenges in the sector, such as sustainable agriculture, renewable energy conservation, microfinance and education. With the intention to generate positive social and environmental impact, the impact investment market is steadily growing and has sized up to a market worth USD 715 […]

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Digital India Foa A Digitally Empowered Society

Honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modiji, Honorable Home minister and finance minister Mr Arun Jaitleyji, Honorable central Minister Ravi Shankar Prasadji and all friends. I want to congratulate Mr Narendra Modi on Digital India program from Vedanta group. Whenever government has shown trust on the industry, local and industrialist have delivered their promise weather it […]

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STL’s Mahanet Project

We discuss the following topics in this blog: In addition to these topics, we shall also be answering the following FAQs: What Mahanet is all About? Why is it so Special for the Entire Country? and STL? Mahanet is a part of the Digital India program of the Government of India supported by the government […]

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ESG: Setting National & Global Ideals

At STL, our vision of ‘Transforming Everyday Living by Delivering Smarter Networks’ guides our every action. It applies not only to our business, but also to how we work with communities to build a more inclusive future. And this passion for creating shared value through proactive action on ESG reinforced through determination towards uplifting the […]