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STL Care: Care for the ones who matter, especially those at home

STL Care: Care for the ones who matter, especially those at home

STL Care blog

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”

The above quote holds good for everyone, both as it is and vice versa.

At STL, it has always been our endeavor to create a work environment that radiates positivity, stands for diversity and inclusion, and is conducive to a successful workforce. We nurture an environment where employees are encouraged to perform to their highest ability. Therefore, for us, it goes beyond just ensuring a comfortable physical workspace. For us, a positive work environment means providing an atmosphere where people can bring their whole selves to work without any hesitation.

With this thought in mind, we laid the foundations of STLCare, keeping care at its core.

Humble beginnings

At the onset of COVID’s second wave in 2021, the entire workforce of STL came together as one big family to support each other. We stood shoulder to shoulder to ensure the safety of each other and that of our brethren working at plants, from homes, and on projects. Amidst this, the Employee Care program STL Care was introduced. in February 2021, with an aim to help STLers and their families navigate safely through the pandemic. STLCare ensured that the essential resources and life-saving services such as Covid-19 testing, at-home care, and telemedicine were delivered to the employees and their close ones. The program helped STLers come out stronger together in an atmosphere where survival meant everything.

Ahead, towards positive changes

As the impact of the pandemic subsided, STLCare embarked upon new initiatives to focus on the overall well-being of STLers. Leading a healthy lifestyle while excelling at work would help our employees have the best of both worlds. To achieve this, STLCare introduced a new Employee Assistance Program in partnership with 1to1 Help, a leading organization engaged in providing mental health and wellness services in India. The program caters to the diverse wellness needs of STLers and their families worldwide, 24/7 for 365 days. With this program, an array of comprehensive wellness solutions, as well as psychological counseling sessions, are just a call away from the employees. Such solutions help STLers combat challenges like anxiety, relationship issues, stress, etc. They can also seek advice from trusted and experienced counselors on matters related to parenting and finances.

Our current partner for this program is Optum, a market leader in this space and a part of United Health Group, No. 5 among Fortune 500 companies.

More than 3000 STLers registered for the program and benefited from it. While 150 employees attended the counseling sessions, 83 participated in wellness coaching sessions, and 230+ employees availed themselves of the benefits of self-assessment. During FY22, Team STLCare also organized multiple webinars and talks on diverse topics, which were attended by 800+ STL employees located in different parts of the world.

Our values, our guiding light

In our pursuit to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace, we are constantly examining our processes, policies, and practices to make them more efficient, employee-friendly and encourage a better work-life balance. At STL, our values guide us through thick and thin. In line with our values of “Respect & Empathise” and “Keep It Simple,” we introduced FlexiHoliday (the Optional Holiday Plan) to give STLers an opportunity to cherish the moments they wouldn’t want to miss for the world. This way, they would also have the time to celebrate or observe essential occasions that do not coincide with official holidays. Similarly, an on-demand pay scheme helps our employees access their accrued salaries whenever they want to. This gives them control over their earnings and helps them deal confidently with unexpected expenditures.

All STLers can utilize these schemes to make the most of their holidays and enjoy financial flexibility as well.

Care remains at the core of STL’s work.

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STL Care: Care for the ones who matter, especially those at home

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