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Fostering Inclusion at the Workplace!

As this is the month of celebrating International Women’s Day, it prompts us to reflect on the theme of inclusion, which transcends mere acknowledgment and delves into creating environments where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best selves. Hi, I am Rahul Puri, Regional Sales Head – Europe and MEA, STL, and […]

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Without the women in the optical industry, STL wouldn’t be where it is today!

In the pursuit of excellence and innovation, every day, we are recognizing the invaluable contribution that diversity brings to the table. When individuals with diverse ways of thinking collaborate, it creates a fertile ground for creativity and problem-solving.  But true diversity, particularly diversity of thought goes beyond having individuals with varying perspectives in a group. […]

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Women at Work: Celebrating Their Influence and Impact

March is a time to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of women around the world by celebrating International Women’s Day. And what better way to honour the occasion than by reflecting on their invaluable impact on my professional journey? Hi, I am Daniel Romer, Sales Head – North America, STL and I am here to celebrate […]

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Telemedicine in action, where it matters the most

Omkar Sayam is a 6-years school-going boy. He belongs to a poor family, residing in Akola, a village in Maharashtra, India. His parents work on a farm on daily basis for a living. Somehow they manage to earn money that is good enough to meet the daily basic needs of a family of 5. Their […]

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Living Our Purpose During our 9 to 5s

Like any other previous job, I had imagined my job profile with the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) function here to be no different. After all, in an ideal world, a regular workday is all about working on your laptop and attending meetings, with occasional tea and lunch breaks. However, life at STL is not […]

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Digital Technology – Scripting India’s Success Story

It has been 75 glorious years since India gained independence. Apart from the numerous socio-economic achievements over the years, the country has emerged at the forefront of the global digital revolution. India’s digital initiatives and technological achievements have transformed the lives of billions of people in India and across the globe. Digital penetration and inclusivity […]