It doesn’t take a Maniac to make a better world! But it sure does help.

It doesn’t take a Maniac to make a better world! But it sure does help.

Crazy antics, otherworldly ideas, overreaching plans, and expensive budgets – that is how many people think about Marketing and Communications folks! I did, until I became one of them… one of the Maniacs!

I realized that while those stereotypes may hold true, there is a lot more behind the veneer of velvety PPTs, sexy websites, and fantastical booths! This is a team that is steeped in diversity, navigating its way through the contours of gender, cultural, and professional experiences and perspectives. 

Of particular note is how this team of Marketing Maniacs at STL represents the best of gender diversity and inclusion – a truly level playing field where the only competition is between ideas and crazier ideas! It should be a minor footnote that there are an equal number of male and female STLers in the Marketing team.

However, the way our team unlocks the value of this diversity is indeed significant. There is a no holds barred approach to debating ideas. We don’t limit our thoughts and arguments to gender-enshrined principles. We are allowed… even encouraged to wade into unchartered territories.  

This team of Maniacs truly represents what is meant by STLher-ism! 

So how has this philosophy unlocked value for STL? Two words – Quality and Impact

  • Some of the best pieces of design and branding come from an imaginative, creative, and expressive band of STLher designers in Alok Chander’s team. 
  • We have a power-packed team of Media and PR STLhers led by Khushboo Chawla that are finessing STL’s story for the world. 
  • Our global customer marketing team, composed of many STLhers and led by Danah Ditzig, is transforming the way our clients look at us.

Essentially, this team of STLhers has transformed the STL brand in the eyes of customers, investors and industry alike! 

So what do Alok, Khushboo and Danah have to say about the power of diversity?

“Diverse teams minimize risk and maximize opportunity. When you bring together a collection of people with different experiences, backgrounds, and strengths to work toward a common goal, they see and offer different things. Our work is stronger, more thoughtful and comprehensive, and the learning we offer one another helps us grow.” – Danah Ditzig

“As marketers and communicators, we are engaging with our audiences and trying to change their perception or mood about the company. Diversity – of gender, age, skill set and working styles, and most importantly, diversity of thoughts, is a great asset for any marketing team. Right now we have so many different personalities at play, and that’s only taking us upwards and onwards!” – Khushboo Chawla

“We all know a wider variety of skills and backgrounds help enhance productivity at the workplace. One of my favourite ways to evaluate a candidate is to understand how ambitious s/he is! 

Marketers need to try creative ways to engage with their audience to make the conversations meaningful. We, at times, throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. Having a diverse team helped me optimise our efforts at STL and remain focussed only on what matters!” – Alok Chander

The power of DEI has a tremendous personal impact as well.

Isha Singh is a very versatile member of this team. She joined STL just before the pandemic forced us into lockdowns. In that tumultuous time, she has been at the forefront of solutions marketing and investor marketing! This is what she had to say about the power of diversity:

“We are all different which is why we are unique. This diversity results in more creativity and better decision making” – Isha Singh

Before I entered the field of Communications, I had a limited understanding of the dynamics of corporate culture.  

However, being embraced into a new function by the Manicas, and being allowed to take part in STL’s journey of DEI, has been a transformative experience for me. My prejudices revealed themselves in this inquisitive journey of 4 months. I had many humbling moments as I facilitated a focussed group discussion with a team of STLhers. My biases were challenged by my colleagues in Marketing, HR and other functions when I proposed new campaign ideas. My worldviews came stumbling down as I learnt about the experiences and perspectives of STLhers.

And from the rubble of shattered mental constructs emerged a better version of myself. Unproven yet, but optimistic nevertheless! 

A deliberate journey! 

As STL zooms into the future as a Technology led innovator, it also tries to lead the way in gender diversity, equality and inclusion. These things do not happen by accident; they require deliberate, thoughtful leadership that sets the example for everyone to follow. 

Creating a gender-equal workplace requires a faith to break the bias, a belief in the irrefutable benefits of gender diversity, and a steadfastness to stand by our principles. As a STLer, I am proud of the commitment that the Maniacs and STL have made! 

Dear reader, if you are not already part of the STLer journey and are wondering what it must be like to work at such a place… here’s a team with a very open-mind waiting to hear from you! 

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It doesn’t take a Maniac to make a better world! But it sure does help.

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