Ubiquitous connectivity cannot be said to be ‘overemphasized’ anymore. Around the world, there has been a sudden surge in connectivity demand, whether to run enterprise-grade connectivity from homes for online education, work, shopping, entertainment. For a superior customer experience, operators around the globe need the next-generation fibre optic solutions to build more resilient networks with negligible downtime, high speed and low latency.

STL range of Yogalite micromodule optical fibre cable combined with Optotec range of compact closures is the ideal combination for building future ready access and distribution networks. The innovative end to end solution offers:

  • Cost savings with the reduction in the size of passive infrastructure like ducts and manholes.
  • Resilient and future ready networks with easy to deploy compact closures in 2L, 4L and 6L capacity.
  • Faster and tool-free installation process due to its innovative kink free micromodule cable design.

Our Offerings

Optotec Joint Closures

Yogalite Micromodule Optical Fibre Cable

Optotec Joint Closures



Complete range of compact
Optotec closures



Compact closures made with high quality
and enduring thermoplastic material



Dedicated area with rotatable tube
retention lips for uncut fibres for ease of fibre management



1 oval port and 4 round ports with cold
applied kits for cable with 5-20mm and 2.5 - 20mm diameter respectively



User friendly and tool less latch closing
system QUADlock for easy installation

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Yogalite Micromodule Optical Fibre Cable



Micromodules manufactured from
soft and flexible elastomeric material



Zero memory, kink free micromodule
with bend insensitive fibre



30% savings in installation time due to fast,
craft friendly and tool-less module access



30% savings in installation time due to fast, craft friendly and tool-less module access



Diametrically opposed embedded strength members
provides excellent cable tensile strength

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Do you know why Stellar is truly an Installer’s fibre?

Watch the video to know more about the benefits of an optical fibre with the unique combination of 9.1 µm MFD and superior bend resilience.

Introduction to MAX Closure

MAX is an environmentally sealed single-ended “dome-type” closure for the fibre management system that provides the functions of splicing and passive component integration in the outside plants.

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