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Promoting women empowerment for sustainable development

Gender equality is fundamental to reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development, and building good governance. Gender equality is a key UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) that drives traction across a broad range of other sustainable development verticals. Therefore, to build inclusive and resilient communities, a holistic and supportive ecosystem capable of promoting the growth and development […]

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Changing social behaviour to achieve health and well-being

The structural variables restrict choice-making for families who are poor, vulnerable to instability, or dependent on underdeveloped public systems. People are excluded from making decisions that impact their lives most due to ingrained power inequalities that underlie discriminatory societies and organisations. This stands true for most aspects, especially their health and nutrition. Social and behavioural […]

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Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion: STL Culture

Employees from 30+ Nationalities Presence in 15+ countries 5Major Continents A true representation of DEI at STL Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) are the three levers that pull STL’s machine forward. Diversity gives us strength, equality is our value, and inclusion is an inseparable part of our culture. To us, DEI offers an opportunity to […]

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We Learn and We Love It!

We live by our values Hunger to Learn is one of our core values, something that as STLers we have always held close to our hearts. We do not look at learning as a “one-time process” that begins and ends, but as an everlasting, truly enjoyable journey. No matter if someone is 25-days or 25 […]

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Be the example you wished for

Preface: Kumud Srinivasan is a member of STL’s Board of Directors. She has been a trailblazer during her career, achieving quite a few firsts. This mini-blog is her raw take on the importance of forging a new path and the importance of diversity – a must-read for STLers who are on their own journeys.  Forty […]

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Puneet’s story of #Ilovemywork

Innovation comes when we attempt to take different challenges head-on… 18 years in the Telecom industry later, I still wonder what keeps my passion for technology and innovation going. I am happy to say that the answer lies in the last 7 years of my career which I have spent at STL. This is, after […]

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Notes from a rollercoaster- My STLer journey

I walked into the STL office in the spring of 2018 in my carefully selected high waisted split hem trousers, a striped jacquard top and a pair of salmon pink open toe heels. This attire has a special place in my wardrobe. It is placed bang in the front as a striking reminder of who […]

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Notes to myself … the memoirs of a STLher journey

Preface by Eklavya Sharma: I had the honour of meeting Sakshi (or as we called her “Award-winning-Sakshi”) in the spring of 2017 when she became part of the team I was in at the time. Seldom do you meet professionals who are as driven as they are vulnerable. Sakshi taught me the power of believing […]