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The world is getting smarter and connected. Converged and high bandwidth application networks have unique challenges which make high performance connectivity a top priority. The trends and directions of more traffic on the network from a voice, video, power and data perspective are continuing to drive us to the future.The increasing data demands and global adoption of connectivity solutions have led to the introduction of a wide range of specialty cables. STL offers a wide range of copper cables as part of its speciality cable portfolio. These include structured cabling solutions and cables for railways and other industrial applications. Read More..

STL's Specialty Cables, offering faster network speeds, are available in multiple categories designed for several configurations, providing companies with varied choices to meet specific requirements and demands. Among other things, specialty cables need optimal flexibility and resistance to high temperature. Additionally, the rising data demands require specialty cables with cutting-edge coatings, cabling materials, and buffers resistant to radiation, chemicals, abrasion, high temperature, vibration, and shock. Our innovative high bandwidth third party approved Structured cabling solution delivering high performance for seamless on a future-proof generic cabling system. Our wide range of data cables offer customised cable design in UTP, STP, indoor and outdoor categories addressing different physical layer applications including enterprise networks, data centres and multi-dwelling units. From order inception to final audit, STL is committed to unequalled customer satisfaction. Read Less..

Single mode optical fiber g652d

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Fibre optics refers to the technology and the medium associated with the transmission of data as light pulses along a ultrapure strand of glass, which is a thin as a human hair.

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Optical fibre cables have several optical fibres bundled together, which are usually covered in individual protective covers to reduce losses and damage.

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Due to increasing data demands, there's a dire need to create new fibre deep networks and data centres, which would encourage faster 5G and FTTH adoption.