Wi-Fi is becoming a new way to conduct business; many ratifications and successful Wi-Fi deployments call for more recent versions. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest version, and it saw its ratification in 2019; the technology looks to promise to offer more comprehensive use cases and will see widespread adoption. Wi-Fi 6.0 is the official name from Wi-Fi Alliance given to 802.11ax. WiFi6 is the new evolution from WLAN and promises to be 30% faster than its predecessor, Wifi5. With more recent technologies, improvements made in Wi-Fi6 will see it support many use cases requiring higher bandwidths and higher network capacity for more simultaneous users. In the coming era of 5G, WiFi6 will also complement it. Several devices, from smartphones to PCs, are now being WiF6 certified. This will extend to more consumer and industrial products; amidst all this, enterprises and service providers are already upgrading their gear to WiFi6.


Use Cases

The already existing Wi-Fi uses cases like public-private hotspots. The new WiFi6 will see itself in:

wifi 6 Use Cases

A Game Changer

Earlier, Wi-Fi had low revenue returns, and the picture will change with Wi-Fi6 as many use cases are being supported with technological advancements. A study by research firm IDC illustrated an airport as a sample use case to derive incremental business opportunities and calculate Return on Investment (RoI).

The report findings concluded that even with a very conservative hypothetical model, an airport would be able to monetize the enhanced user experience that Wi-Fi6 brings to the table, leading to a 10-year RoI figure of 21% and with a positive cash flow by the sixth year of implementation.

STL Wi-Fi Solutions

STL is one of the industry leaders in providing the right platform for Wi-Fi-based solutions.   STL’s dWiFi solution offers a complete WiFi6 based solution.  Keeping in view the market demands on how operators can benefit and monetize using Wi-Fi, our software solutions also provide game changing end-to-end Wi-Fi monetization solutions to address this need.

STL Wi-Fi Monetization is an innovative and customizable solution that enables venue owners and enterprises to build personalized engagement platforms with existing as well as prospective customers using wireless internet networks. STL Wi-Fi Monetization solution is an invaluable business enabler for operators who are obsessed with:

End Note

WiFi6 will be the new revenue earner that operators and enterprises look forward to.  Spanning across domains and industries, its scope is vast; besides, the tech advancements that come with it seem promising. Operators can look to the innovative STL’s solutions, seize this opportunity, and deploy Wi-Fi-based solutions with their experts. STL has recently participated at the Wireless Global Congress, 2022, held in Dubai with the theme ‘Wi-Fi revolution driving digital growth. STL is also a proud participant at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), 2022, happening in Barcelona, Spain, where we are showcasing our capabilities and end to end solution from O-RAN, to 5G Deployment to next gen 5G solutions.