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Fibre Deployment: Key to the Success of 5G in India

India has incredible potential for growth and progress, particularly in rural areas. To unlock these possibilities, it is essential to ensure nationwide internet connectivity – even the most remote corners of our nation must be included on this journey! With 5G technology now available, a new wave of development and empowerment will sweep through India’s […]

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Securing 5G Open RAN architecture

In the world of mobile communications, open RAN is a buzzing subject. The idea is to create an architecture for a radio access network that is more open than what is now available. Many assertions have been made about the potential of ORAN to enhance competitiveness, network interoperability, and costs. Keep reading to learn more […]

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Leveraging 5g Http2 Mediation Technology To Maximize The Potential Of Optical Fiber Connectivity

“5G is beyond usual telecom operator business; it’s a business revolution”- Borje Ekholm, CEO, Ericsson.  5G HTTP2 Mediation Technology to maximize optical fiber connectivity  The 5G market is currently snowballing, with CSPs deploying optical fiber networks aggressively in North America, Western Europe, & Asia-Pacific. The market share of 5G 2022 is around $3.2 billion in […]

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5G and Fiber: The Next Digital Network Solution

5G networks promise to link people and things via intelligent networks and apps, all of which generate massive amounts of data. It aims to give the highest possible performance while also connecting additional devices. These optical networking solutions will allow and inspire a new generation of computing and technological innovation, transforming the way we live […]

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5G Stats and Its Use Cases

5G has promised us a better tomorrow with faster internet, ultra-low latency network, and the capacity to handle more devices. These features translate to industry 4.0, smart cities, autonomous vehicles, etc., that will raise the standard of our living.  Here are some facts about 5G adoption, according to statista.com. 5G Statistics from Financesonline.com 5G Stats […]

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Challenges in Implementing 5G

5G will be estimated to generate USD 17 billion in revenue for CSPs from business enterprises by 2030, as per Ericsson-Arthur D Little study. Hence 5G implementation is the next big move in the industrial revolution and has to be done right. 5G network promises to offer high data speed, high bandwidth, low latency, and many more that can […]

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5G Speeds In India 16.5 Times Faster Than 4G On Average

Most Indians have witnessed the towns and cities they lived in as children change into something utterly unrecognizable as they became adults. This has been due to changes in the economy driven by technology and better systems. 5G deployment is now predicted to change things even more, widely being seen as the “fourth industrial revolution […]

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What’s Hot In 5G BSS And Monetization?

5G services should make downloading everything faster and more convenient for everyone. But it’s up to businesses to figure out how to monetize it perfectly so that they’re able to provide it to the most people while making as much money as possible. Let’s look at what’s hot in 5G monetization tactics and how business […]