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UK government’s Project Gigabit, the £5 billion programme, targets to enable hard-to-reach communities with lightning-fast gigabit-capable broadband across the country. Today, high-speed connectivity drives education, health and public safety, global and regional commerce, cultural advancement, government operations, all the while adding efficiencies in our day to day lives.

STL is one of the industry’s leading fibre optic manufacturers with a 25+ year innovation track record and a customer base in more than 100 countries. Our wide range of end-to-end fibre optic solutions such as optical fibre, optical fibre cable, and optical connectivity products are accelerating Network Modernization process by building digital networks across globe. STL’s Optical Networking solutions are powered by engineering excellence and innovations that are widely preferred by network experts around the world.

25+ Year legacy in Fibre

Since 1995, we have been connecting the world and its people with the best optical fibre solutions. From the first optical fibre plant in India, STL has state-of-the-art production sites across Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. Telecom operators, cloud companies, citizen networks, and large enterprises recognize and rely on us for advanced capabilities in Optical Connectivity, Global Services, and Digital and Technology solutions to build ubiquitous and future-ready digital networks. Our business goals are driven by customer-centricity, R&D and sustainability and are committed to creating a world with next-generation technologies that transform everyday living.

Commitment to
Quality and Building
a sustainable future

Our robust resources, systems, and processes are in place to ensure we build solutions to last while minimizing the impact to our planet.

  • Optical Interconnect facility in Milan is diverting 25.08 metrics ton waste with 100% diversion rate
  • Optical Fibre Cable facility in Brescia is diverting 1136.08 metrics ton waste with 99.8% diversion rate
  • Our Brescia plant also sources 30% of its electricity through solar power
  • Italy plants are Zero waste to Landfil certified

Diverse Team of
Industry Leaders

As a growing, global company, we have experts across a variety of functions to better design and serve our customers. Our team includes industry leading professionals in Business Development, EHS, Engineering, Field Application Engineering, HR, IT, Maintenance, Marketing, Operations, Quality, Supply Chain, and Sales.

"STL had an incredible journey for the past 20 years in the UK that has enabled us to build trust and credibility in the market. With an aim to achieve UK Goverment’s Gigabit programe, the team is now focused on building broadband infrastructure to deliver next-generation networks that are fit-for-the-future."

Rahul Puri Europe Business Head

“It has been an amazing journey over the last twenty years to see the growth of STL to become the largest and most trusted supplier of optical fibre cable and connectivity solutions to all the major Telco's in the UK “

Phill Coppin Head of Application Engineering

“For the past 7 years, I have been working at STL in the UK and Northern Europe, where I have been part of the impressive growth of STL's customer base and product portfolio. As a result of this growth, STL has emerged as the top optical fibre cable supplier in the UK. Going forward I am excited see the results of our further expansion via adding yet more solutions to our customers. 7 years in STL and still learning something new everyday is truly invigorating.”

John Davies Regional Sales Manager - Northern Europe

“At STL, we always look forward to partnering with our customers for success.”

Sakshi Singh Sales Manager- UK & Ireland

“As part of the business analyst team at STL, I am privileged to work alongside a team that places customers at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in the power of exceptional customer experiences and prioritize their needs above all else. I have witnessed how our dedication to customer-centricity has transformed our approach and yielded remarkable results. At STL, Customers truly come first, and I am proud to be a part of the team delivering exceptional customer service and unwavering commitment to quality.”

Blessy Roy Business Analyst - Europe

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