customer management and service solutions


Taking the leap to the future of customer management and service solutions

Taking the leap to the future of customer management and service solutions

customer management and service solutions
customer management and service solutions

Customer experiences (CX) over the virtual platform and integrating virtual and augmented reality are seeing traction. Emerging trends of healthcare wearables and the Internet of Things (IoT) is seeing smarter products and services. With the consumer being the king, the focus is now on automation, and chatbots have made their way and are being driven by artificial intelligence. 

With more technological advancements, businesses are now seeing a way to understand consumer behavior with personalized solutions like offering the right solution to the customer at the right time. 5G, IoT, AR, VR are already happening, and with their many use cases, communication service providers (CSPs) need to understand customer experience and provide solutions accordingly.

Often communication service providers (CSPs) face challenges in meeting customer expectations, despite the investments that go into the growth-related matters. With much digitization happening and growing technologies such as 5G, customer management and experience (CM&) are largely affected. Few CSPs have attempted to bring in customized in-built solutions to resolve this challenge; however, this is much desired.

At the same time, many vendors have the expertise to handle and resolve CM&X solutions with a SaaS-based model.  Such offerings will allow CSPs to embrace such solutions on the fly, keeping their operating costs low.

STL CM&X Solutions

Taking a leap, STL has already engineered tailored ready CM&X solutions to meet the growing and essential demands of CSPs. Ideally, BSS solutions enable customer-centric business operations and digital engagements, allowing operators to monetize based on CX and thereby supporting business models as well.

A report published by Gartner titled ‘Market Guide for CSP Customer Management and Experience Solutions’ published in January 2022 recognizes STL as a service provider for customer management and experience solutions. The report identifies STL as a cloud-based BSS vendor offering a service model on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud for customer management and experience solutions

Industry leading network integrator STL has its CM&X solution offerings powered and solution-ready in the market. STL Digital BSS portfolio suite consists of 

  • dTelco,
  • dEnterprise
  • dEP,
  • dBRM

STL’s Digital BSS portfolio is engineered to deliver scale and speed, provide monetization and mobilising customer centric platforms. To understand more about STL Digital BSS,  read the blog here.  Click here to read the detailed brochure on STL Digital BSS Platforms.

To understand a video about how STL is helping CSPs adopt STL’s digital engagement platform providing CM&X solutions, watch it here.

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Taking the leap to the future of customer management and service solutions

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