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How Robotic Tools are Revolutionizing the Detection of Optical Fiber Failures

The fiber optic communication industry has revolutionized the entire Telecommunication industry by providing higher performance, more reliable telecommunication links with ever-decreasing bandwidth costs. Owing to its high bandwidth capabilities and minimal attenuation or lost power, the development of optical fibers is necessary due to the innovative technologies requiring the transmission of data over thousands of […]

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Recent Advances in Optical Networking Technology: A Look at the Future of Data Transmission

Since several decades ago, optical networking technology has been developing quickly. Fiber optics is becoming a key component of the telecommunications infrastructure due to its high bandwidth and low attenuation characteristics. Researchers have looked into numerous fiber optic cable technology and cutting-edge hardware and programmability, boosting transmission up to gigabit and beyond to meet the […]

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Implementation of a Robust Fiber Deployment Process

Our telecommunication industry has witnessed various stages of transformation in India. It has experienced massive growth over the last few decades. A key factor in sustaining this growth in the telecommunication industry is the fiber rollout services that lay the groundwork for an efficient fiber infrastructure, deployment, and management. Image Credit : img.freepik.com – Fiber […]

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Integrating cutting-edge technologies in fiber deployment

In the current world, a kilometer of fiber-optic cable is more valuable than a kilometer of road. Shailesh Rao, VP, International Operations, Twitter.  Optical Fiber is still the king of internet connectivity  The thirst for data across the world has skyrocketed as most companies embrace the path of digital transformation. By mid-2022, there were 5.03 […]

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Enabling Fiberisation: Creating Networks for the Future

Data consumption is growing everyday, whether at home, workplace or on the move. The amount of data people produce and consume every day is truly mind-boggling. Disruptive events like the recent covid-19 pandemic lead to large traffic bursts and demand for data. The pandemic resulted in millions of people worldwide using video conferencing for learning […]

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Around the world in 60 Days

A stellar journey with STL’s marquee event across continents. Hello,  It’s me again, Stellar the voice of STL with yet another interesting story of my globe-trotting. The last time we spoke, I shared my amazing 25 years of optical fibre experience which transcended boundaries and is transforming billions of lives. If you haven’t checked my […]

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5G & FTTH Network Convergence – Impact on Physical Layer

The data consumption rate has grown exponentially in home, office, and on the move. The covid-19 pandemic that hit everyone in all corners of the world resulted in a significant increase in data traffic overnight. The dynamics of the business world have changed as a result of which the reliance of economic activities on digital […]

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Underground Cable Laying: All You Need to Know

Nature conservation, natural objects, aesthetics and space make laying cables underground unavoidable and necessary. Underground cable laying has added benefits in the form of reduced transmission loss and reduced risk of service supply loss in cases of extreme weather. What is underground cable laying? In areas where space for cables is limited and crunched, especially […]