profitability of OSS/BSS Investment


How to improve the competitiveness and profitability of OSS/BSS Investment

How to improve the competitiveness and profitability of OSS/BSS Investment

profitability of OSS/BSS Investment

OSS and BSS are the key enablers for infrastructure providers and operators of the telecom industry. The role of telecom service providers has moved from providing mere access to being able to combine business and network capabilities for meeting the growing demands.

What is OSS?

OSS (Operational Support Systems) consists of specialized software tools to analyze, monitor, configure, and manage all operational activities related to the telecom network.

What is BSS?

BSS (Business Support Systems) refers to software applications that support all business and customer-facing activities of the telecom network dealing with billing, order management, service fulfilment, revenue management, customer relationship management, product catalogues, etc.

A digital BSS stack facilitates enabling, monetizing, and managing a new class of digital services and partner collaboration, which helps transform a Communication Service Provider (CSP) into a Digital Service Provider (DSP).

Leveraging OSS and BSS can help businesses in the following ways:

Predicting Customer Churn

By leveraging advanced analytics on the data gathered from customer usage, transactions, complaints, billing, and social media, predictive models can be built by the telecom companies to identify potential churners, which, in turn, helps telecom companies roll out offers, promotions, and services to retain loyal customers.

Promoting a personalized customer experience

Digital users expect customized experiences. By implementing a digital BSS stack, telecom companies can capture interaction data on which they can leverage AI and deep learning to create a personalized experience for the customers.

Leveraging Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based services are becoming an important part of any provider’s offerings. Businesses are increasingly utilizing cloud-based services to enable ease of communication with employees across the globe, and a robust BSS offering allows operators to bundle cloud-based services into more traditional offerings easily, ensuring that providers can increase revenue.

Promoting agility and increasing efficiency

A robust BSS solution can offer businesses the agility necessary to support emerging technologies. In a rapidly evolving marketplace, successful companies will seize opportunities the moment they arise. They must utilize a BSS solution that can effectively extract insights, allowing providers to identify the market trends as soon as they arise.

Enhancing Average Revenue per user

The constant demand to improve Average revenue per user drives telcos to meet customer demands. By integrating Customer Facing systems with other systems, telecom companies can speed up launching new services.


Telecom providers consider a holistic infrastructure as a viable method for reducing expenditure. With the advancements of new technologies such as Software-as-a-Service and cloud computing, industry analysts hope that OSS/BSS solutions will help service providers optimize their expenditure and realize more profit. The industry-leading aggregator has solution-ready OSS/BSS solutions that will enable CSPs to achieve the best results on their OSS/BSS investments; know more about it here.

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How to improve the competitiveness and profitability of OSS/BSS Investment

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