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Connecting networks with fiber to make them more reliable and efficient

We live in a technologically advanced era where high-speed internet forms the backbone of daily operations and business. Businesses, online stores, and companies heavily rely on the internet for their functioning. Here, a fiber optic internet can prove to be helpful in offering high-quality, reliable, and fast internet to suit businesses’ daily needs. Broadband internet […]

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The Fibre Journey: One element, billion connections

It is astonishing how fibre networks have brought all of us closer and made our lives even better by enabling next-gen applications and use cases. Think of virtual and augmented reality becoming mainstream, telemedicine saving millions of lives, or self-driving cars on every street. That is but a modicum of the future that end-to-end global […]

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Building a robust fiber network: A necessity for 5G

Just Imagine waking up one day and seeing every gadget being connected and the internet lag becoming extinct like dinosaurs. Is this for real? Such a future is nearer than you imagine as 5G transforms itself from an idea to a reality in most economically progressive countries, including India. By 2026, we can expect 4.8 […]

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All You Need To Know About Fiber Termination Boxes: Installation and Maintenance Guide

Current times witness an ever-increasing demand for more data or video transmission bandwidth. Everyone needs a faster connection speed. FTTP or fiber To The Premises applications have reinforced the importance of reliable and stable fiber optic terminations. Good quality fiber laying and termination systems help achieve minimal back reflection and low signal loss. They also […]

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Single & Multimode Fiber Optic Cable: What’s the difference

Fiber optics can transmit data faster and over longer distances than other technologies, making it the foundation of contemporary data transmission. As a result, fiber optics are extensively used in internet services, telecom, and enterprise data center networks. Many critical decisions come into play in the installation of fiber optic cabling, opting for single mode […]

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How intermittently bonded ribbon fibers are revolutionizing the communication industry?

Optical fiber technology has revolutionalized communications technology with its capability of transferring large amounts of data significantly faster than copper cables. However, the practical application of these fibers required using cables containing several optical fibers. You can primarily do that in two ways: loose tube and ribbon. Ribbon fibers, mainly intermittently bonded ribbon fibers, have […]

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Benefits of Using Optical Fiber Cables: Learn How It Can Improve Your Network

Although new ways of providing internet connectivity are coming up, optical fiber cables are still regarded as the gold standard and preferred by most CSPs for providing internet to their customers due to their unique advantages that outshine any other mode of internet connectivity in terms of speed, cost, maintenance, latency, weather resistance, etc. The optical cable […]