Why is Cloud Computing Among Top Skills India Inc Hiring for?

Why is Cloud Computing Among Top Skills India Inc Hiring for?

Digital skills requirement in the modern tech-run world have become standard in the talent market in India, but tech companies are willing to hire cloud computing professionals demanding sky-rocketing compensation. Why so? Read on to know…

Hiring for digitally skilled talent is at an all-time high in India following the pandemic’s downturn. Amazon Web Services’ recent report titled ‘Building Digital Skills for the Changing Workforce’ noted that 95% of Indian workers feel the need to hold digital skills, in a bid to cope with the changes in their function induced by remote work due to the covid-19 pandemic. The pandemic has spruced up the need for digital skills in the talent market of the modern-day, as the world gets increasingly connected virtually.

What led to demand for cloud professionals?

As people spent most of their time indoors, working remotely, virtual collaboration technologies saw an increasing demand. As a direct result, OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime saw an unimagined share of subscribers during the time with the exodus of people moving from preferring the traditional television-cable model. Online Foodservice aggregators like Swiggy and Zomato too used cloud computing to their advantage in providing end-users with real-time data right from timely sanitization of their food-delivery partner to ensuring a touch-free food delivery experience in the wake of the unprecedented pandemic. This brought into the picture the flexibility of cloud computing to almost all industries and that it does not restrict only to enhancing traditional IT consulting firms’ operations. Instant satisfaction and real-time interaction hence became the norm for businesses to bag loyal customers and it became possible through cost-effective operations – cloud computing.

Learning the diverse applications of cloud computing beyond the traditional setup, enterprises across industries in India started adopting it in their core function which has in turn led to a spurring demand for talent skilled in cloud computing.

NASSCOM in its last year’s report titled ‘Cloud Skills: Powering India’s Digital DNA’ mentioned the need for businesses to migrate critical workloads to the cloud and modernize legacy on-premise IT infrastructure, especially post the pandemic, has been accelerating growth in cloud adoption. The report further mentioned that India currently ranks 3rd with an installed capacity of 608,000 (FY2021) cloud professionals across all verticals incl. Technology; and that the demand for cloud skills far outweighs the current supply and there is a need to focus on upskilling across stakeholders.

Which cloud skills are most sought after?

While demanding for cloud computing talent, enterprises are eyeing individuals with in-depth knowledge about Cloud Security, Security Standardization, SASE Platforms, Identity & Access Management, and Data Encryption owing to the fact of increased data security post the pandemic. Other skills like native application development, network virtualization, containerization, and service architecture are equally in demand by several companies.

To cater to the various needs of customers across geographies, enterprises are increasingly investing in great talent acquisition. But,there remains a talent crunch to meet the current demand by companies seeking cloud-skilled personnel. A mindful collaboration of government, industry, and academia can prospectively chalk out talent development roadmaps to help bridge the current talent demand-supply gap.

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Why is Cloud Computing Among Top Skills India Inc Hiring for?

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