Thibaut’s Story of #ILoveMyWOrk

Thibaut’s Story of #ILoveMyWOrk

Take on challenges as a STLer & surpass myself because #ILoveMyWork

I see each morning as the opportunity to achieve the maximum. Doing your best is to make those around you and yourself proud & to be happy.

When I was offered to join STL in 2020, I saw some great and exciting challenges. And what could be better than a big challenge to surpass yourself and make everyone proud of themselves!

So I accepted the responsibility to take care of the largest French operator, as a major account manager for STL.

I knew why I was there, so I was ready, invested in my work and focused on my new goals. This was useful to me, because only a few weeks after my arrival I had to work and manage the new big tender of one of the main European Telco operator, which allowed us to win part of the French market.

It was a great challenge. Indeed, we had to be reactive, a few weeks to : produce and send the full technical package, offer and provide all the documents demonstrating our rigor, our professionalism, as well as our legitimacy as a supplier for the French market.

In addition, this required a great involvement from each of the departments within STL. So, a perfect communication between us was required. I was the coordinator, but not only. Indeed, when the pressure was important, it was my responsibility to know how to remain calm and to make the different teams feel good enough in order to allow them to continue working peacefully.

From the start, I knew that one detail would surely tip the scales in our favor. I cannot reveal this detail here, as it is confidential. But I made sure to be proactive on the subject, talking about it internally several weeks before the start of the tenders.

By anticipating critical issues, we are much less subject to the competition and pressure that our work can generate. And instead of being passive, we become active in the situation, we influence the result instead of waiting for it.

I tend to manage in a rather human way. So, for my part, I am very rational and organised, which allows me to have confidence in my work, it is essential because I am someone very demanding with myself, therefore a little with others.

But by having this rigor with myself, I can have the calm and a step back to be flexible with my teams, listen to their needs, and allow them to frame their work in a natural and appropriate way. Whatever the goal to achieve.

I worked with almost all the STL departments, because I said it multiple times, and I will say it again here : our success is a collective success. It is thanks to the knowledge and the work of everyone, put together, the synergies created. And finally because we all had the same objectives: to satisfy our customer and to give the best of ourselves for STL and also for our colleagues.

Finally, we got selected to supply again in France, and also won the opportunity to homologate new designs with their LAB.

My inspiration came from putting myself in the customer’s shoes. I asked myself : what would I like to be offered? What would make my life easier? Once these questions were answered it was much easier for me to make the right decisions in order to answer and win this opportunity.

In my life in general, before I act or speak, I think a lot about how my actions and words will be perceived. What matters is not what you want to say, but rather how others will understand it. It is essential for getting what you want in life, but above all so that everyone is satisfied.

Be true, no one wants to build any kind of relationship on lies : trust is the foundation of every relationship. I apply this with everything in my life.

For my colleagues or anyone reading this blog : we are all human, no one is unique, but that will never stop you from being yourself, and doing what you love every day. What matters is not what you do, but how you do it. Always give 100%, when there is a will, there is a way.

Be real, be passionate.

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Thibaut’s Story of #ILoveMyWOrk

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