STL steals the show at Connected Britain 2021

STL steals the show at Connected Britain 2021

After a long wait, Connected Britain was held as a physical event. The biggest connectivity event in the UK was held on 21 – 22 September at London Design Centre. The event provided the platform to explore the future of connectivity in the UK. The 2021 edition explored in-depth how next-generation broadband technologies, especially fibre and 5G, are enabling gigabit broadband in the UK. The event was attended by who’s who of the telecom community. 

STL @ Connected Britain 2021

STL, participating in Connected Britain for the third time in a row, stole the show as the lead and platinum sponsor. Arguably the biggest exhibitor with a 4-side open booth, STL showcased solutions that have been powering the ubiquitous connectivity in the UK, its home away from the home. 

Two solutions unravelled!  

The unmissable included two cutting-edge optical solutions that were launched at the very event. The solutions — Ribbon Cable and Management solution and an Ultra-lightweight Aerial Micromodule Cable is a part of Opticonn, STL’s end-to-end optical connectivity solution. The solutions pave the way for advanced fibre infrastructure and fast broadband rollouts in the UK. Both solutions were launched by Jeremy Chelot, CEO, Netomina, that utilises STL’s advanced optical fibre infrastructure to build a full-fibre network in the UK.

STL’s Booth and Tech Showcase – An experience like never before

STL’s booth attracted more than 1000 experts, thought leaders and distinguished delegates who explored its 5G ready solutions first hand and appreciated the work the company is doing in the UK. 

Click here to have an experience of our booth showcase. 

Gearing up for Connected Britain 2022 

The success of the 2021 edition wouldn’t have been possible with cross-functional team collaboration. Much credit and thanks to Stellars coming from different countries across Europe to put a great show. As STL wraps up its successful participation in the 2021 edition, it gets ready for the next edition. With Connected Britain 2022 set to be bigger and better, STL is ready to startle it as a Platinum sponsor. As the company marches on with its aim to connect the length and breadth of the UK, STL is set to launch some cutting-edge solutions and make interesting announcements in the future. So stay tuned as STL is set to turn a new leaf in UK’s connectivity space.

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STL steals the show at Connected Britain 2021

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