Sterlite SDN Teaser

Sterlite SDN Teaser

We are generating almost as much data every year as has been generated in the entire human history.

This exponential data growth is fuelled by addition of users, devices, as well as newer platforms such as IOT OTT, Cloud Services etc. As the internet becomes an integral part of our existence, users expect hyper connectivity, seamless connections and high security in their digital environment. This leads to a complex big-data-multiple-networks-scenario, which is clogging our current network infrastructure and unable to handle scale and variability of data demand. The ideal solution for this is a new generation of software defined and open source network or SDN. With its endless possibilities, SDN is the future of networks. Here are the top 5 features of SDN that will transform how networks operate Open ecosystem – Vendor agnostic and community driven solutions Flexibility: – Modular building blocks of SDN ensure inter-connectivity between networks and devices Hardware Optimization – SDN optimizes existing hardware for running real-time applications at scale Seamless experience – Serves variability in data demand Service agility – 8 to 10 times faster service roll-outs As a leading technology player, Sterlite Tech is among the pioneers of SDN- to provide smarter digital end-to-end networks for service providers. We are network experts, with deep understanding of data transmission, which positions us well to design, build and manage software defined networks. The countdown for Sterlite Tech’s software defined networks has begun! Think SDN, Think Sterlite Designed Network

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Sterlite SDN Teaser

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