Navigating the Digital Storm Worldwide – LTE

Navigating the Digital Storm Worldwide – LTE

As global operators move towards a data driven era, LTE (Long Term Evolution) is fast becoming the de facto standard, when it comes to maximizing their returns from their network investment as well as enabling better data driven services for their end customers. Hence a lot of telecom experts opine that LTE will become a mainstream technology, globally as well as in India, chalking out a path for operators to move up the value chain and create better profitability. With its data driven feature sets, operators are embracing LTE in order to create a big differentiation in the market as well as deliver world class services to their end customers. LTE is also giving them a heads-up in terms of creating better revenue generation capabilities and also providing them a big winning chance over their closest competition. Global Scenario At present, there are 308 commercially launched LTE networks well spread across in 108 countries, according to a recent 4G Americas report. It is important to note that the pioneers in LTE deployments were Finland and Sweden, and the world’s largest LTE network is in the USA. Another market research predicts that around 465 LTE networks will be in service across 128 countries by 2017.

(Source: 4G Americas)

  LTE is Changing Subscriber Data Usage Globally


  •  Almost 50% increase in monthly data usage on LTE compared with 3G, with the respective figures standing at 1.6GB and 1.1GB at end-June 2013.
  • 39% of LTE use on its network is for multimedia services, compared with 30% on 3G.


  • 35% of its postpaid smartphone base using LTE-capable devices and smartphone data usage per device has increased as much as 50% year-on-year to end-2Q13, causing wireless data revenues to increase 19.8% year-on-year and ARPU by 1.8% year-on-year.


  • LTE smartphone users consume 8x more data compared with 3G users.


  • A third of Verizon Wireless’s retail postpaid connections now have a 4G device, and as much as 59% of its total data traffic is now on its 4G network.

Source: Informa Telecoms and Media

The Way Ahead As more and more operators move towards a data driven mobile world, there will more deployments of carrier aggregation and other LTE-Advanced features to enable better network efficiencies for an operator. Additionally operators will move towards adopting VoLTE in terms of realizing the growth in voice services. And being a data driven technology, LTE will provide better monetization opportunities for operators in terms of content bundling, OTT Monetization, enabling cloud technologies, LTE broadcast and also enabling expansion of international LTE roaming services. All this will surely increase the profitability for an operator and also help towards creating better value for their customers. To know more about our LTE Revenue and Customer Management Platform and how it enables operators to roll out LTE network in just 90 days at a total cost USD 500K, click here.

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Navigating the Digital Storm Worldwide – LTE

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