Mobile Wi-Fi 'App'tamin to offload traffic and improve revenues


Mobile Wi-Fi ‘App’tamin to offload traffic and improve revenues

Mobile Wi-Fi ‘App’tamin to offload traffic and improve revenues

Mobile Wi-Fi 'App'tamin to offload traffic and improve revenues

Enabling seamless one touch connection for Data offload and Public Wi-Fi

We are living in an ‘Appified’ world. There is no doubt Apps have become an essential Vitamin – an Apptamin for our smart devices. Apps are found not just in our phones, but also in our wearable devices, cars etc. Apps are primary ways by which people expect to access information and get connected to external world. Moreover, the convenience and control afforded by the smart devices have changed the scope of mobile productivity. Its increasing demand has sky rocketed the operator’s challenges to cater ubiquitous services with consistent quality. On the other hand, when data usage is augmenting exponentially by leaps and bounds streamlining the existing data traffic has become the biggest twinge for the operators, to which Wi-Fi has been a life saver.

With the worldwide hotspots volume to hit 10.5 million by 2018 (Source: ABI Research), the increasing availability of Wi-Fi hotspots is transforming the operators strategy to gain easy access availability. Ever wondered how easy life would be if you are notified every time about Wi-Fi availability nearby? Thinking… Of course it would! After all it will save your cellular data plan and help save costs. Offloading a part of cellular traffic to Wi-Fi networks is finally a concept that communication service providers (CSPs) are not only embracing, but are actively deploying as part of their strategy. CSPs now understand seamless connectivity as a key factor for continued customer engagement and are rolling out customized mobile apps for offloading traffic. Along with offload, CSPs are also looking for a convergent app enabling the non operator users to connect to open SSID Public Wi-Fi access.

Recently, leading Operators launched the offloading via mobile app – requiring a single sign-on have met success:

  • Vodafone rolled out Wi-Fi offload app – Wi-Fi Connect- to shift data traffic to decongest the cellular network
  • Airtel launched Airtel Hangout for seamless Wi-Fi connectivity from cellular to Wi-Fi and reduce the network clogging
  • Verizon Wi-Fi connect app lets you connect to select international Wi-Fi hotspots with eligible Android or iOS devices on eligible Verizon Wireless international travel preferred plan
  • Sprint automatically offloads to Boingo Wi-Fi works on Android devices with app having Boingo SDK that provides trusted connection capabilities

Mobile apps for offload and public Wi-Fi connectivity prove to be a boon for operators as it helps them with added advantages. Revenue generation has become a key driver of carrier Wi-Fi deployments, the Wi-Fi apps are a prospect to convert the lost time with no data connection into an added revenue opportunity keeping you connected 24*7.

One of the successful providers of white label apps, Elitecore offers an innovative mobile app- a modular and pre-integrated part of Wi-Fi SMP for mobile data offload and seamless connectivity to open SSID public Wi-Fi. It is to help the operators with seamless connectivity, increase the footfalls at the hotspots and maximize their Wi-Fi usage with reduced churn. The app is packed with innovative features enabling the operators to deliver continued value to operator and non operator users and expand their monetization opportunities.

Available for android, iOS and windows, the app requires a single sign-in, enables intelligent Wi-Fi detection and seamless on-boarding, secure authentication and for non operator users also enables trusted open SSID Wi-Fi connection. Elitecore Wi-Fi App supports auto switch over to available network, SSID prioritization, displays session usage, Wi-Fi strength, location based services with specific advertisements, notifications, promotions etc. Click here for more information

Operators have begun to identify their potential benefits with Wi-Fi mobile app and are strategizing their roll outs to avoid connectivity hiccups.

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Mobile Wi-Fi ‘App’tamin to offload traffic and improve revenues

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