IPLMS: The credible counter attack on Cyber Crimes

IPLMS: The credible counter attack on Cyber Crimes

Today’s economy is digital economy with internet as the enabler.  Like any other tool it is also open to abuse. Cyber crimes where the suspects are utilizing a range of new technology innovations to ramp up attacks. Government and Intelligence agencies are realizing and adapting similar technology as a tool to effectively counter those attacks. Out of all the available tools, tracking IP address and subscriber logs have proven time and again to be a dependable way for authorities to track down a range of cyber crimes such as financial frauds, vengeful spurned-lovers, blackmailers, derogatory social media posts and terrorists. Based on research conducted by the center for Internet & society, below are a few incidents on how various law enforcement authorities / investigating agencies have used IP address to trace individuals responsible for particular crimes based on their usage.
  • In September 2009, a man was arrested by the Delhi Police in Mumbai for blackmailing classical musician Anoushka Shankar. The culprit had allegedly hacked into her email account and downloaded copies of personal photographs. He was traced by using his IP address
  • In May 2010, an Army officer stationed in Mumbai was arrested for distributing child pornography from his computer. He was traced by the Mumbai Police after the German Federal Police alerted Interpol that objectionable pictures were being uploaded from the IP address he was using.
  • In 2015 Hyderabadi woman, Afsha Jabeen was arrested for carrying out online recruitment for ISIS on Facebook
  • In 2015 Abdul Basith, a 22 year old student and an ISIS sympathizer from Chandrayangutta was arrested when he tried to leave the country to join ISIS.
To help secure the physical layer of any network an intelligent physical layer management solutions (IPLMS) is required. These systems often combine intelligent patch panels with software features to provide information on the connectivity status of each port in the system. IPLMS can enable instant notification and documentation of moves, adds or changes (MACs) with constant updating of data-bases. These systems also can perform physical mapping of the network’s active devices, enabling the location of each device on the network, from the switch port on one end through the patch panel and outlet on the other. Thus it is clearly evident that why govt. authorities want all ISPs to log all customers Internet Protocol address for a minimum of six months to control cyber-terrorism, online crime and data theft across both public and private networks. This is where ISPs need an intelligent IP log Management System which helps them capture subscriber details such as Time & Date stamp, Source Private IP, Source Port, MSISDN No, Destination IP, Destination Port, MACID, NATed Public IP. Moreover GUI based operations allows operators to achieve subscriber details easily with Offline and Online search. MIS report offers operators with the flexibility to filter, analyze and generate reports based on log messages. To know more on how Elitecore has enabled a leading European operator with IP Log Management System Click Here.

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IPLMS: The credible counter attack on Cyber Crimes

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