I am a STLer and #ILoveMyWork

I am a STLer and #ILoveMyWork

Hello STLers,

I am Darshana Bhatt, a part of the Technology Unit. I lead design and development of Copper LAN Cable & FTTX Cables at STL’s Specialty Cable’s Business, Dadra. I have been working with STL for the last 13 years and handled multiple roles and functions like Technical, Process, QA, Design and New Product development.

During my stint my STL, I have been fortunate to work on various interesting projects. One of my favorites is the one in the recent past. We received a request from one of the European Customers for a Cat7a SFTP Product with 50% higher bandwidth.  The product was available but the outbound bandwidth range compliance was not met. Also, deadline for submitting the sample for qualification was pretty tight.

We accepted the challenge and started working on that project. The first challenge was the design. We needed to design it for higher bandwidth over and above the standard defined specification limits. It would then be followed by testing and validation. I multiple rounds of discussion with my team where we worked on design failure mode to see where can the design and performance of the product go wrong. We froze two designs for the product and started working on its development on a fast track. We did a few trials where we tested the cables, analysed the results and validated them according to the customer requirement and international standards. Finally, the day came when I was holding the final product that exceeded our stringent criteria.

Usually the product development cycle ranges from 6 months to 1 year. In this case, we completed it in just 3 months. I got great support from my team members. I thank Vaibhav Mada, Mangesh Vadam, Harsh, Maneesh, Arpita, SS Harikanth and Shahid Khan for their support. Together we achieved it. 

Whenever I face a challenging task, I always ask myself Kese Nahi Hoga (there’s no reason it can’t happen). And this keeps me driving on until I achieve the results.


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I am a STLer and #ILoveMyWork

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