Everything You Need to Know About BSS Transformation


Everything You Need to Know About BSS Transformation

Everything You Need to Know About BSS Transformation

Everything You Need to Know About BSS Transformation
Everything You Need to Know About BSS Transformation

Digital channels have become the standard, with the digital transformation accelerating for two primary reasons. First, technology is advancing exponentially, and second, data is becoming significantly more abundant and usable. 

Let’s take an example to explain the current scenario better. For example, James is an owner of a telco brand and is planning for a large-scale digital transformation project. His firm is facing many obstacles. Customers expect high-quality services, available at all times, and James is stuck with a legacy BSS.

Facing a choice between innovation and extinction, James realizes that if he needs to meet the challenges of the digital era, he has to adapt. And the only way to get ahead of the curve and satisfy his customers is by migrating his legacy-ridden BSS (business support system) to a Digital BSS solution.   

So, what exactly is digital BSS?

What is Digital BSS Transformation?

Today’s digital native customers demand holistic, personalized, and fast services. In such a scenario, communication service providers (CSPs) cannot be bogged down by legacy BSS that are simply not designed to cater to an ever-increasing demand for new products and services. 

Traditional telco transactions are expensive, lengthy, and have a high failure rate. To regain their competitive edge, telcos adopt lean architectures and become more agile. By incorporating agile methodologies to transform their BSS, telcos can launch compelling new offerings and drive efficiencies.

Migrating to a new, consolidated platform results in lower IT fixed costs, shortens the time to market, and boosts product innovation for CSPs. The unified approach simplifies billing and customer service processes while also allowing you to merge your scattered portfolio of products in one place. This enables your CSP to become more agile and react swiftly to changing market conditions, which is almost a given in today’s communications industry.

With the global digital BSS market expected to reach USD 7,416 million by 2025, it is time for us to read about the benefits of cloud BSS in more detail.

Benefits of BSS Transformation


Reducing overheads and promoting speed, BSSimproves time to marketBSS allows CSPs to respond swiftly to consumers’ changing needs and demands.


A lean BSS architecture simplifies operations support systems (OSS), thus improving productivity, reducing operating costs, and cutting production time.

Improving Customer Support:

Customers want better user interfaces and a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience. A BSS platform enables this experience and makes customers feel more valued.


Migrating to a consolidated platform that provides a single pane of glass view streamlines the BSS process and leads to greater organizational efficiencies. 

Best Practices for an effective BSS Transformation

Digital BSS transformation could save time, money, and a lot of stress that seems to come free of charge with every transformation project. However, BSS transformation isn’t just about transforming your IT dept; it’s about reinventing your entire business strategy and possibly transforming your corporate culture to succeed. 

Now that James understands the benefits of a digital BSS transformation, it is time for him to move to a more agile BSS. First, however, he needs to plan and execute the migration, and there is a real risk of the project overshooting the budget or failing to meet expected outcomes.  

Some of the best practices for a transformative BSS are:

  • Identifying and remediating defects as early as possible.
  • Implementing robust testing processes.
  • Adopting security best practices to block a cyberattack.
  • Ensuring interoperability between legacy apps and cloud-native components.
  • Keeping everyone (stakeholders, PMOs, IT dept, and others) in the loop.


According to the most recent TM Forum Digital Transformation Tracker, CSP’s biggest priorities are digitizing customer experience and operations. The legacy-based BSS apps are not capable of fulfilling these priorities. BSS transformation is the only viable solution to take on the challenges of a fast-paced digital landscape. Recognized by Gartner as an enabler, STL offers a complete portfolio of products and services for your complete BSS transformation.

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Everything You Need to Know About BSS Transformation

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