Elitecore at MWC 2013: Sharing Ideas on WiFi Offload and BSS Transformation

Elitecore at MWC 2013: Sharing Ideas on WiFi Offload and BSS Transformation

Welcome, Swagatam, Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Marhaban, Huān yíng, Sawadee krap, Selamat datang and since we’re in Barcelona, Spain — Bienvenido

As many different languages there may be to welcome our delegates from across the world, we do have a common theme this year, similar to what we had the year before – the WiFi Offload market is getting bigger than before! In just last one year alone, Elitecore has deployed 10+ cellular-to-WiFi Offload business cases across 5 countries along with a huge number of trials.

Elitecore WiFi SMP solution’s enables improve customer experience through efficient consumerization of data services. This means operators can leverage WiFi Offload to give everything their subscribers need from their data services – optimum speed, seamless integration between cellular to Wi-Fi networks, ubiquitous Internet access, economical plans through compelling price bundles. Since, WiFi offers much higher Quality of experience for rich data traffic such as video calls, files downloads and HD video content, it becomes a natural choice for operators looking for an easy and convenient outlet to offload broad majority of their data hungry subscribers.

Another key talking point for Elitecore this year would be how we are enabling new business models in the WiFi segment such as residential, enterprise,location-aware, hospitality and inter-carrier plans (one operator offering its WiFi infrastructure to other operators).

Addendum: Apart from the limitless possibilities in WiFi Offload, visitors to Elitecore booth will be treated to our latest big story: BSS transformation. As the industry shifts to its next phase of growth due to end user demand for everywhere connectivity, personalized experience and multiple devices support, Elitecore brings you richer insights into how our BSS transformation suite enables service providers to shift their business approach from traditional billing to creating enhanced customer experience, the WOW factor.

Visit Elitecore at Mobile World Congress:

Hall 5, Aisle I Booth No. 5 I 36

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Elitecore at MWC 2013: Sharing Ideas on WiFi Offload and BSS Transformation

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