Culture: Key Ingredient in STL’s Success Recipe

Culture: Key Ingredient in STL’s Success Recipe

We discuss the following topics in this blog:

  1. How STL battles Monday morning blues?
  2. Opportunities and Culture.
  3. Talent and Diversity.
  4. Fun at work.

In addition to these topics, we shall also be answering the following FAQs:

  1. What is WiFi?
  2. What is an Optical Fibre Cable?

How does STL Battle Monday Morning Blues?

Monday morning blues get to everyone! After a relaxing weekend, the thought of going to work itself, is daunting. And we somehow, though reluctantly, learn to condition ourselves and say “all right… will manage!” But what if we got something that would get us to spring up and say, ‘Hey Monday, I can’t wait for you!‘?

It is exactly is feeling that our friends at STL experience. When you know that your week will start with some of the coolest people who not only are great at their job, but also are supremely fun-loving, you feel empowered. STL is revolutionizing the heavy duty corporate culture into excitement, fun, supportive, and lots more. Something that the world has been looking up to!

STL ‘A Great Place To Work’, is rocking the telecom world with its technological excellence, and exemplary organizational culture.

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Opportunities & Culture

Providing several opportunities to people, the company has been growing in leaps and bounds.

  • An example of this, is the pace at which innovation at STL has been progressing. It is because the genius brains have found the right space that STL has over 231 patents and still counting. That’s quite a feat.
  • Supply chain to HR, or marketing to policy! All you have to do, is express your interest and the leadership is right there to support your aspirations. One of our friends exploring robotics like never before, has been developing automation tools which have significantly reduced manual effort across various programs.

Empowered by an open, transparent culture and encouraging leadership, the people here are reaching new professional summits at STL.

Talent & Diversity

As a company that is constantly on the move, STL places tremendous importance on hiring the right talent. And it also believes, that the more diverse the workforce, the more successful the organisation. With a brand new horizon of ideas, energy, and passion, women at STL are advancing shoulder-to-shoulder with the counterparts and how!

  • Whether it is the all-women colouring unit at Rakholi, or touching lives through CSR, or being financial geeks – diversity has taken STL by storm.
  • A recent study says that increasing women’s participation in the by 10 percentage points could add $700 billion to India’s GDP by 2025.  Such statistics assert the importance of the role women play in the workforce.

STL is putting a conscious focus on greater inclusiveness, to benefit from the creativity and warmth women bring to the organisation.

"SterliteTech Blog Culture The pinch of Salt"

Fun at Work

And while all of these strategic steps are being taken forward, how do the folks have fun? Well, If you have been having a crazy day, a quick game of snooker, or TT or carom, could be quite an energy booster. So, why not unleash some of your fun skills other than the ones on the laptop? Yeah, it is all super happening!

"SterliteTech Blog Culture The pinch of Salt"

  Oh and what’s more? Imagine, you get a chance to breathe the cool breeze on the serene beaches of Goa, sip a drink, and chit-chat with your entire team. Exactly! Offsites at STL rejuvenated like nothing else can. You also get to interact with and know each other more closely, and it all happens outside the walls of office, helping professional connections become more of a bonding. Employee engagement has truly come alive at STL through various clubs and initiatives, creating a sense of belongingness in the people!

"SterliteTech Blog Culture The pinch of Salt"

All these exciting times is backed by tremendous dedication of the people who believe they have a role to play, enabling STL achieve new milestones and unprecedented growth. The sheer passion that people live and work with is unparalleled. The hunger to learn and perform to one’s highest potential, is in the DNA of every employee here. Being at STL one can actively contribute to a global transformation and becoming a fantastic professional. As times change, and we become more and more technology-driven, cherishing people and their efforts becomes increasingly important. It is precisely this belief that is instilled in STL’s culture that enables the folks here to deliver exponential results and make an impact; to the world of networks, and to society!


What is WiFi?

Put simply, WiFi is a technology that uses radio waves to create a wireless network through which devices like mobile phones, computers, printers, etc., connect to the internet. A wireless router is needed to establish a WiFi hotspot that people in its vicinity may use to access internet services. You’re sure to have encountered such a WiFi hotspot in houses, offices, restaurants, etc.

To get a little more technical, WiFi works by enabling a Wireless Local Area Network or WLAN that allows devices connected to it to exchange signals with the internet via a router. The frequencies of these signals are either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidths. These frequencies are much higher than those transmitted to or by radios, mobile phones, and televisions since WiFi signals need to carry significantly higher amounts of data. The networking standards are variants of 802.11, of which there are several (802.11a, 802.11b, 801.11g, etc.).

What is an Optical Fibre Cable?

An optical fibre cable is a cable type that has a few to hundreds of optical fibres bundled together within a protective plastic coating. They help carry digital data in the form of light pulses across large distances at faster speeds. For this, they need to be installed or deployed either underground or aerially. Standalone fibres cannot be buried or hanged so fibres are bunched together as cables for the transmission of data.

This is done to protect the fibre from stress, moisture, temperature changes and other externalities. There are three main components of a optical fibre cable, core (It carries the light and is made of pure silicon dioxide (SiO2) with dopants such as germania, phosphorous pentoxide, or alumina to raise the refractive index; Typical glass cores range from as small as 3.7um up to 200um), Cladding (Cladding surrounds the core and has a lower refractive index than the core, it is also made from the same material as the core; 1% refractive index difference is maintained between the core and cladding; Two commonly used diameters are 125µm and 140µm) and Coating (Protective layer that absorbs shocks, physical damage and moisture; The outside diameter of the coating is typically either 250µm or 500µm; Commonly used material for coatings are acrylate,Silicone, carbon, and polyimide).

An optical fibre cable is made up of the following components: Optical fibres – ranging from one to many. Buffer tubes (with different settings), for protection and cushioning of the fibre. Water protection in the tubes – wet or dry. A central strength member (CSM) is the backbone of all cables. Armoured tapes for stranding to bunch the buffer tubes and strength members together. Sheathing or final covering to provide further protection.

The five main reasons that make this technology innovation disruptive are fast communication speed, infinite bandwidth & capacity, low interference, high tensile strength and secure communication. The major usescases of optical fibre cables include intenet connectivity, computer networking, surgery & dentistry, automotive industry, telephony, lighting & decorations, mechanical inspections, cable television, military applications and space.

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Culture: Key Ingredient in STL’s Success Recipe

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