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When your work is exciting, 8 years go by in a jiffy!

When your work is exciting, 8 years go by in a jiffy!

Neha Satav
STL Team

On the 24 February that went by, I completed 8 years at STL but it all just seems like yesterday – a journey that has been truly fulfilling, accomplishing and rewarding.

Being someone who enjoys ever-changing and never dull workdays joined as an Associate Manager in 2014. Now heading the Global Legal role for Cables and Optical Interconnect Business, my growth ladder has been an incredible rollercoaster. I remember myself spending a first few weeks reviewing basic documents and shortly graduating into handling complex contract negotiations, leading global bids, setting up overseas plants and dealing with international litigations. From learning the basics of business and dealing with internal and external stakeholders to getting the CEO award, leading teams and aspiring leadership roles, my career transition has been upward and evolving.  

Waking up every morning and to be excited to do what I do keeps the ball rolling for me. Newer challenges, varied responsibilities and an enjoyable work environment have played a key role in sustaining my work enthusiasm. Besides, the dynamic work culture, the vibrant learning environment and the competitive spirit has been the cutting edge. 

STL has gone through a complete transformation in the last couple of years and I have been lucky to witness the exciting growth. In the midst of these multiple changes, the most important aspect for me has always been the voice given in all aspects of decision-making that has positively elevated my working. 

Optical Interconnect Business Team

Existing relationships are also one of my biggest considerations.  A clear picture of the goals and timely appreciation for the outcomes achieved is every employees delight. This for sure keeps me in the positive feedback loop stirring me up to achieve more.  The communication channels are very open, fair, transparent and yet realistic. This takes away undue stress on sundry matters and enables one to keep the focus on key performance indicators. 

Despite being in the legal team, I am well-connected with the HR, Finance and Business teams and the rapport between the teams demonstrates fairness and empathy. The boundaries between the silos are seamless and the whole effort in giving the best technology to the world works as one cohesive goal. There are plenty of formal and informal bonding opportunities: from accelerated learning programs to sporadic team lunches. From extensive work days to fun offsites and townhalls, I am always impressed by STL’s “work hard and play hard” approach. While everyone respects each other’s professional boundaries, there is a natural camaraderie that grows while serving on the common mission of transforming billions of lives through digital networks. 

With Covid taking the world by storm, work life balance has been a constant struggle for a modern career aspirant, especially representing women who have to balance family responsibilities along with growth ambitions. The hybrid working model has given the necessary comfort recognising all aspects of one’s life along-side providing the right motivation 

This short reflective message would be incomplete without mentioning my leadership inspiration – Ankit Agarwal and Paul Atkinson. Their involvement even on minute legal matters during the interactive calls is so meticulous and detail oriented that it holds me on the grip. Likewise my immediate manager, Amit Deshpande, has always been available for crucial and critical guidance. This is truly a wonderful and closely-knit team of soulful professionals and an epic blend between a corporate setting and constantly growing connected community.

The role transitions in the past 8 years really speak to the endless career growth possibilities at STL Tech. With the growth that I’ve witnessed each year, I am happy to have invested in a workplace that allowed me to grow in so many different directions. 

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When your work is exciting, 8 years go by in a jiffy!

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