BSS Transformation Critical to Realizing Full Potential of LTE

BSS Transformation Critical to Realizing Full Potential of LTE

Deployment of 4G LTE services on global scale is driving transformation of mobile service in creating new opportunities but at the same time, it is also putting forth complex challenges for the Communication Service Provider (CSP) community. One such huge challenge comes in the form of adapting their BSS solutions and services in order to support and seize next generation service capabilities. Technological Paradigm Shifts In an ever evolving telecom industry, technological shift is taking place in almost all the spheres. Operators are going in for all-IP regime, and opting for optical fiber over copper wire; at the end user level tablets and smartphones have become the popular choice instead of laptops and other devices. Similarly, operators, especially in the developing nations are directly moving towards having an LTE network, even though most of the operators are providing 2G networks. CSPs facing this technological shift must embark on transforming their BSS strength, in order to do more with their network investments and realize the full potential of their LTE deployment. Advantages of a Next-Gen BSS As operators move towards providing data intensive next generation services to their customers, they need next generation, agile and flexible BSS systems to handle their network in a better manner, ensure real-time delivery, seamless customer experience and increase their chances to generate revenue. LTE provides the operators with sufficient competitive advantages and revenue opportunities. But the legacy BSS systems are not fully equipped which can help the operators to get the right ROI in the next-generation mobile broadband services. New pricing models also demand processes such as charging, rating, and policy to take place in real-time, integrated with network elements and user profiles that can provide innovative offerings to the customers via a single, centralized system. Additionally, they also need the muscle to handle to the challenges of LTE such as exponential growth in volume and complexity of events, devices, services and partner relationships. CSPs need to support features such as casual and anonymous users, over-the-air activations, and policy control and charging. All this is only possible when operators transform their BSS in order to support new age deployment of LTE infrastructure. Cloud and virtualization ready BSS helps service providers to reduce Capex and Opex with a single license and service contract and support future services on same Platform (VoLTE, IMS based services). Greenfield service providers can launch their new LTE data services using complete, pre-integrated solution of BSS and packet core offerings enabling quicker time to market for innovative offers and plans. To know more about Elitecore’s innovation in Next-Gen BSS, LTE Revenue & Customer Management platform, that addresses all the challenges for a Greenfield LTE Deployment, click here.  

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BSS Transformation Critical to Realizing Full Potential of LTE

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