Analytics Can Monetize Big Data for Telecoms

Analytics Can Monetize Big Data for Telecoms

Intelligent Analytics tools and applications can address Big Data challenge for operators and push their profitability ahead Big Data is gaining momentum as far as IT world is concerned and it is fast making its way into the telecom world as well, while the definition of Big Data is different for IT and telecom domains, analytics related applications hold tremendous potential to harness profitability out of this surge in data. As more and more operators prepare themselves for launching the next generation of telecom services, data will become critical and hence operators would be required to create better monetizing opportunities around data usage and analyse their subscriber actions around data. And hence, real-time subscriber analytics is one segment that can deliver what operators look for while rolling out next generation services around 4G LTE. So, at a time when operators have to live with big amount of data, intelligent analytics of this big data can drive user generated profitability for the operators and provide them with a healthy bottom-line as well. Intelligence in Data In order to derive such intelligence from the data residing in an operator’s network, they need to understand the user’s pattern to utilise data and in turn that can deliver unique insights towards better utilising network resources in routing and traffic analysis. In order to achieve all this, next gen operators need truly next generation ready analytics tools and applications that can help them analyse on user data and provide support on various network interfaces. It is always helpful for operators to go for an end to end solution that can take care of their data analytics challenges while at the same time, deliver an easy to operate and manage reporting system that can help them towards analyzing the past performance of user plans, traffic and subscriber usage as well as fraud detection and critical information on instances of revenue leakage within the network. Moved by a need to derive a clear understanding of their subscriber behaviour, operators are looking at designing and implementing their go to market strategy utilising information on real-time analytics of subscriber usage patterns, buying behaviours, balance information, etc. All this information is also helping operators to generate predictive analysis on designing their customer offers and better managing new age data services around 4G LTE. How Big Data can Create Big Value for Operators
  • By enabling transparency in information sharing
  • By delivering accurate and detailed information on the subscriber usage patterns, and hence helping operators to boost their performance levels
  • By enabling delivery of personalized service packs for subscribers and hence, generating more revenue for operators
Elitecore LTE Revenue and Customer Management Platform helps operators capitalize on real time intelligence and customer insight with embedded analytics enabling new monetization and personalization opportunities for the operators.

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Analytics Can Monetize Big Data for Telecoms

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