Achieving Big Gains – Mobile Advertising, Monetized by Wi-Fi

Achieving Big Gains – Mobile Advertising, Monetized by Wi-Fi

Mobile Advertising is emerging as a preferred option for telecom operators who are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance their revenue streams. Reaching out to consumers with advertising based on Wi-Fi access holds great potential to revolutionize the economics of mobile advertising. With access technology behind its back, Wi-Fi can provide much more accurate user location, when compared with mobile cellular network, this allows for much better targeted advertising. And most importantly, the usage of Wi-Fi is opt-in, meaning that only those customers who are interested and receptive to Wi-Fi messages, opt for it and hence it is truly a next generation ready advertising model as compare to the traditional alternative spam model. As consumer behaviors and patterns rapidly change, whether a user is sitting in a coffee shop or moving inside a shopping mall, there is a personalized and seamless communication happening between the operator & the user and the smartphone is at the helm of it all. Most of the consumers today, use an array of devices including mobiles, smartphones, tablets, phablets and iPhones, this multi-device ecosystem ensures that people access Wi-Fi through different set of larger screen devices which are always better and more advertising friendly All this is reshaping the whole condition of advertising and marketing prompting retailers to actively increase their visibility on smartphones with the help of Mobile Advertising. This presents huge amount of untapped opportunities for carriers to monetize their Wi-Fi investments. Mobile Advertising more Effective with Wi-Fi The Return on Investment of such models is based on several business scenarios such as Operators can opt for a platform with Captive Portal, Mobile App, Ad Server, Monetization platform and enable Wi-Fi accessibility for retailers at various public places like shopping complexes, arcades, malls, stadiums, universities; public venues like Airports, Railway and bus stations, auditoriums etc. With Wi-Fi connectivity, operators can provide location specific retail advertisements, deals, and promotions to the user through their platform. And in return operators can engage themselves in a partnership model with the retailers to open up new revenue streams for themselves, which were not there before. As far as the revenue model is concerned, it can be driven in a number of ways such as – a static / fixed rental, or it can be based on number of clicks on the Ads, etc. Operators can launch advertisements based on various parameters such as the accuracy of user location information, demographic profile based ad display specific to location, analysis of ADs displayed and its tracking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) integration for measuring the advertisement effectiveness and determining the brand performance and the revenue earned by various partnerships and fixed rental model with content providers, retailers, advertisers etc. These insights can result in better and more effective means to advertise what the user wants and hence increasing the chances of better sales for the retailers. Realizing the potential of Wi-Fi, operators are opting for robust Wi-Fi coverage when combined with location hypersensitivity of Wi-Fi technology, consumers get good in-building coverage in locations such as large shopping malls, airports, sports arena or railway stations and hence there many opportunities available to monetize Wi-Fi location-based services today than ever before. This is primarily driving the adoption of Wi-Fi to the next level and in times to come, Wi-Fi is only going to enable stronger and smarter Advertisements models ahead. Interested in learning more about how Elitecore can help you monetize the Wi-Fi services that you provide? Click here.

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Achieving Big Gains – Mobile Advertising, Monetized by Wi-Fi

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