6 Reasons to choose Mobile Self Care over Traditional Customer Care

6 Reasons to choose Mobile Self Care over Traditional Customer Care

    With the exponential growth of Smartphone users, operators are looking for ways and means to proactively communicate and engage with their customers. In addition to the traditional ways of communicating with the users, a latest customer care tool has opened up new avenues for such communication. A support tool trend of Mobile Self Care is fast gaining popularity among the nextgen consumers. The app gives users a quick access to their usage information and management control; for operators it helps reduce the congestion on customer support team, resulting in a win-win situation. According to SpeechCycle and Echo Research Study, 50% of the Smartphone users want to have the ability to resolve their issue on a smart phone app rather than call into a customer contact center. This is where an Interactive Mobile Self Care App with real time service activation and query resolution will ensure a seamless user experience and drive down support and call center costs. With such innovative apps, subscribers get access to products and service anywhere, anytime on the move. The subscriber can check their balance usage, account information, online scheme/deals and other voice/data plans that the operator is offering. Quick Facts
  • A CSP in North America stated that mobile self-service has been “growing by leaps and bounds”, and that it helped reduce the number of transactions that otherwise would have given rise to calls to customer care.
  • An CSP in the Middle East stated that “the number of transactions via the self-service channels increased by 7% over a year”
  • A European CSP has seen 20% reduction in the number of calls to the customer centre over 18 months
  • One operator in North America reported more than 18% ARPU uplift since it implemented an optimised self-ordering capability on its self-service interface.

Source: Analysis Mason

Big Benefits of Self-Care Reduce Cost – It helps reduce operational overhead cost of serving inbound support calls and email inquiries. Increase Customer Loyalty – It minimizes churn by improving customer experience via easy to use mobile self-care services that can be subscribed in Real Time. M-Self Care enables the operators to better connect with their subscribers and ensure faster query resolution resulting in increased customer satisfaction. Loyal customers spend more often, cost less to serve, and have lower attrition rates. Operators can also run loyalty programs through mobile self care where customers can be offered reward points on every purchase they make. Increase revenue – Allow subscribers to access, manage and configure plans or services from anywhere and on any device which helps in cross-sell and up-sell revenue opportunities during such interactions. Personalization & Promotional Activities – Personalizing the mobile data experience through self care app gives more control to customers over their mobile devices. Operators can offer new innovative plans on the app which in turn increases revenue opportunities. Moreover, operators can offer free data or voice minutes to retain their existing customers. Customer Behavior Analytics – The operator can capture and leverage data collected from frequent transactions on the app, and with advanced analytics operators can offer Real Time Contextual offers which is all about sending the right offer at the right time to the relevant end user on which they can act immediately. Acquire New Customers – With anytime, anywhere access operators can acquire new customers who prefer mobility and real-time access to service and support thereby increasing subscriber base. The Way Forward Mobile self care is still under a nascent stage where a lot of improvements are needed to make it more user friendly and which can be accessed on a range of devices and platforms. It could be a great differentiating factor for operators to tap on new customers resulting into increased ARPU. The Elitecore Proposition

Elitecore has its in-house developed white labeled mobile self-care app that could seamlessly integrate with existing networks. It helps the operator to offer customers a synchronized subscriber care environment where the user is able to manage their accounts, balances, usage and other service related aspects without the need for administration. To know more about Elitecore M-Self Care App, kindly drop an E-Mail at marketing@elitecore.com.

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6 Reasons to choose Mobile Self Care over Traditional Customer Care

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