Learn to stay connected on campus with Wi-Fi adoption


Learn to stay connected on campus with Wi-Fi Adoption

Learn to stay connected on campus with Wi-Fi Adoption

Learn to stay connected on campus with Wi-Fi adoption

The concept of mobility and wireless connectivity brings a number of benefits for education institutes. Wireless connectivity modernizes the communications amongst teachers and students, and makes the complete learning process flexible for students. Of course, for distance education network connectivity has brought a paradigm shift by enabling a real time distance learning possible. In case of distant learning, communication becomes easier by instantly carrying out video conferencing from anywhere.

For now let’s focus on campus education and learning. Wireless technology along with mobility leads to added flexibility and interactivity in a school/college.

New and improved teaching and learning techniques in a campus can be introduced with wireless internet availability. It eliminates the need to connect the devices with wires and surf internet sitting at one place. Wireless internet allows students to perform various educational activities including learning, submissions, reporting and project collaboration amongst students possible and easy from remote places also.

Benefits from anytime, anywhere internet access –

  • Wireless Technology – Help teachers create a virtual classroom facility and deliver knowledge. The Wi-Fi enabled device can be used for video conferencing or audio lectures in case of distant learning programmes. Students can communicate with teachers and external faculties with ease.
  • Internet Facility – Students can achieve internet facility from anywhere in a campus. They can surf immediately from their mobile devices or laptops for getting information about different subjects. It will also facilitate them to connect with other students or with teachers.
  • Staff Co-ordinate – University staff can easily co-ordinate with each other on-the-move. The administrative activities to be carried out get easier.

Having a secured wireless technology in a campus

Setting up a Wi-Fi system in a campus is a big challenge, where security is a major area of concern.

  • To achieve advantages of this technology, it is necessary to build a secure network in a university that can manage large number of devices and provides dependable security from cybercrimes and malicious activities.
  • It is important to provide role based access to manage and control data usage. Content filtering and sites restrictions techniques should be used to limit student’s usage. Distributing and managing bandwidth effectively amongst students, teachers, and staff is needed to control excessive consumption.
  • There is a need to install APs [Access Points] to deliver fault-less coverage of wi-fi across the campus area.

24online solution for educational institutes is designed to provide regulated access to students and educators in classrooms, libraries, cafeteria, and hostels. It provides complete control and regulation of internet traffic and scalability ensuring Quality of Service.

24online provides a complete solution for implementing as well as enforcing bandwidth control policies on students and staff. It has a login through captive portal feature that aims to eliminate unauthorised user access in the campus network. This helps to avoid malicious activities in the network and completely eliminate network breach attack attempts.

Author’s Bio

24online is a product of Elitecore and global provider of SMS & HIA series for internet billing and bandwidth management solution. 24online HIA meets industry standard features like authenticated user traffic, bandwidth control, pre-paid coupons, zero configuration networking, login once, room-to-port mapping, guest management and reporting tool. It has a large client base of 3500+ installations that extends to 60+ countries. 24online Global Support Management Centre (GMSC) team is readily available to provide instant technical support on 24online solutions.

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Learn to stay connected on campus with Wi-Fi Adoption

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