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Driving Value with Managed Services

Technology is evolving at a consistent and rapid pace. Technology specialists are incorporating cutting-edge practices to boost the efficiency of company processes. But, with the consistent evolution of technologies, coping with new processes might be complex and time-consuming. As a company expands and grows, its IT requirements also evolve. A managed service provider, or MSP, […]

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5 Benefits of Using a Managed Security Services Provider

Investing in cybersecurity is the need of the hour as the cyber threat landscape evolves. But as cyber threats continue to become more complex, increasing your budget isn’t enough. You need services that can keep up with the pace of changes in cybersecurity. In other words, you need a cyber defense strategy to safeguard your […]

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Enabling Digital Transformation With The Right Managed Service Provider

Most companies have talked about “digital transformation” for many years, but only a few have taken action. But, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe, businesses had no other choice but modified their business operation models overnight. Digital transformation isn’t just integrating technologies to automate business processes. It includes a complete overhaul and rethinking of […]

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What Does It Take to Be a Successful Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

Companies across the globe, whether small-scale or Fortune 500, seek the assistance of managed services since they can handle most of the tasks due to their varied capability set. MSPs can handle everything from infrastructure development, cyber security to application development, so their clients can concentrate on their core tasks. The managed services market was at a […]

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Managed Services In-house or Outsourced?

More and more businesses are looking for ways to digitally change their IT infrastructure by introducing new systems, apps, and processes. Still, they must also decide how much control they want over these innovations. There are competing theories on the optimal approach when it comes to more labor and time-intensive procedures like electronic data interchange […]

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What are managed security services? Scope and Benefits

More companies are resorting to managed security services to get security expertise while reducing the strain on their in-house security personnel. As firms struggle to maintain various complex software systems and advanced corporate networks, the usage of managed services is increasing. One specialized area of enterprise outsourcing is developing and maintaining cyber defenses to safeguard […]

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What Are Managed Services, and When Do You Need Them?

The “new normal” post-Covid-19 pandemic of the remote and hybrid work landscape has brought new challenges for enterprises along with benefits. As the infrastructure becomes more complex and cloud computing adoption expands, customer and business expectations are also getting higher. Hence, IT teams are under a lot of pressure to provide support and drive innovation […]

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Managed Services: Catalyzing the digital transformation

For many years, “digital transformation” has been discussed, but little action has been taken. That is until the COVID-19 pandemic struck and prompted companies to revamp their business structures almost immediately. In a recent survey by Software AG, 97% of IT professionals reported undergoing some digital transformation initiative. DX involves more than just automating business […]

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What are Managed Services?

In simple terms, managed services are those that are taken care of by a third party. And such service providers are called Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Why does a business need managed services? Today, IT infrastructure is the backbone of a company. And a business may not have a proper IT infrastructure for its needs. […]