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Role of Private 5G Networks in Industry 4.0 & Beyond

Private 5G networks have gained traction worldwide as regulators allocate more spectrum to enterprises to establish their own private 5G networks. This is a progressive opportunity for companies that require 5G capabilities to implement their transformative applications. Now innovative digital transformation will drive smart factories and the internet of things. Industry 1.0 to Industry 4.0 Industry […]

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What is 5G Mediation HTTP/2?

A new 5G system architecture and protocol stack has been built to realize all the new 5G telecommunications features. This is 5G Mediation HTTP/2. The new 5G technology uses HTTP/2 as an application layer protocol. This implies that all network entities in a control plane communicate using HTTP/2. In this article, we will discuss HTTP/2, […]

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All You Need to Know About 5G Small Cell Systems

5G Small Cells The cellular network growth has accelerated over the past few years and is expected to continue. Global mobile data consumption is set to increase from 65EB per month (2021) to 288EB per month (2027), with 5G networks responsible for 62% of the traffic (2027). The US market is currently estimated at 4.5 […]

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Building Agile 5G Connectivity for Enterprises

Introduction to 5G Network 5G Network Massive digital transformations have taken place across various sectors and industries enabled by tools such as A.I. applications, IoT sensors, and automation, which require advanced connectivity and network solutions. A new Gartner report states a third of organizations with implemented IoT applications will adopt A.I. alongside at least one […]

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5G & FTTH Network Convergence – Impact on Physical Layer

The data consumption rate has grown exponentially in home, office, and on the move. The covid-19 pandemic that hit everyone in all corners of the world resulted in a significant increase in data traffic overnight. The dynamics of the business world have changed as a result of which the reliance of economic activities on digital […]

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Road to 5G built on Fibre

Key findings from the webinar “Road to 5G built on Fibre”. The speaker of the webinar was Ankit Agarwal, Managing Director, Sterlite Technologies Ltd. Summary Never has the world felt so close to the future. With the power to connect the remotest corners of the world to each other, 5G brings with it exciting promises […]

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Monetization of 5G – What CSPs need to look at?

There is a consensus that 5G has the potential to revolutionize every aspect of our life. As 5G rolls out across the globe, new opportunities emerge for CSPs to develop new business models, use cases, and applications that use 5G’s high-speed, low latency, and always-on mobile connectivity. One of the surveys conducted by Qualcomm suggests […]

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4 Myths about 5G Monetization that You Need to Know

The hype surrounding 5G is incredible. And why shouldn’t it be? This technology may power our future cars, smart medical equipment, smartphones, and so much more. Like any emerging technology, however, certain myths are associated with it. Let’s debunk some 5G monetization myths for you, shall we? Myth 1: It’s just 4G 2.0 Wrong! To […]

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The Future is connected with 5G & WiFi

Organizations adopting next-generation wireless technologies (5G, WiFi 6) strongly believe it is a foundation for transforming their enterprises and industries. It can unlock the power of other emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and edge computing. Having entered the market at a similar time, WiFi 6 and 5G have similar capabilities […]

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CSPs in Digital Partner Ecosystems

We discuss the following topics in this blog: In addition to these topics, we shall also be answering the following FAQs: How CSPs can Benefit from Partner Ecosystems? Innovation, agility, and lower costs are takeaways for communication service providers (CSPs) when they participate and get involved in the partner ecosystem.  With CSPs relying more on […]