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5G Services Now Made Available In 50 Cities Of The Country!

India started providing 5G services in October. While Vi (formerly Vodafone Idea) took a back seat, Reliance Jio and Airtel both announced big plans to lead India’s 5G revolution. As a result, India’s top two telecom companies have now collectively introduced 5G services in around 50 Indian cities, making the latest wireless technology accessible to […]

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5G Technology And Its Impact On IoT (Internet Of Things)

Every day, the devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) are on the rise. A better quality, faster network technology is essential to sustain the demand. And 5G technology is a high-quality cellular networking technology that can satisfy that need. Read on to find out how 5G technology can impact IoT. 5G and IoT […]

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Why Cloud RAN is Crucial for 5G Networks

5G technology is much more than what you think it is. It’s the next generation of mobile and wireless communication networks and an evolution from 4G LTE. It integrates a wide range of services with flexible radio interfaces, including integration with WiFi. By 2026, the world’s mobile data traffic is expected to reach a market […]

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5G will empower India’s tomorrow

India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers. With improved digital capabilities and internet connectivity becoming omnipresent, technology is transforming nearly every sector, creating significant economic value. Recently, in Jharkhand, collaborative robots were utilised in COVID isolation units for transferring both medicines and food without any human intervention. This is just […]

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5G Network Architecture

Cellular networking has evolved through many generations, and the next one is the fifth. You may have heard or read about 5G, or fifth-generation cellular technology. But you may be wondering what is different. In this article, you can read about the 5G wireless network architecture. 5G Network Architecture – A Beginner’s Guide Almost every […]

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5G Open RAN: What You Need to Know

What is Open RAN? Open RAN is a technical term for standards for Radio Access Network (RAN) interfaces that support interoperability between vendors’ gear and facilitate cost-effective network flexibility. In simple words, it denotes a radio access network architecture that is more open than what we previously had. Open RAN offers higher interoperability through open […]

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Evolution of 5G and its use cases

Introduction about 5G: Technology is at its greatest when it can connect not only humans but also machines and sensors. 5G is among the most advanced technologies that would transform communication between humans, machines, and sensors to realize a connected, smarter, and a safer world. The rapid evolution of technology has transformed our lives by […]

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Small Cell Technology: Building the Foundation for 5G

What is a 5G small cell? 5G small cells are a type of cellular base stations that are relatively smaller in size and capable of transmitting radio signals. The objective of small cells and 5G technology is to enhance wireless 5G network connectivity in specific areas as they can facilitate millimeter (mm) wave frequencies with […]

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5G mmWave Technology: What you need to know?

5G networks are expanding even further around the world. This next-generation wireless communication is partially enhanced by a new technology called mmWave. US airlines are particularly interested in this technology and it is also an important part of their rollout in China and Japan. Eventually, mmWave technology has started to spread around the world. Evolution […]

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Around the world in 60 Days

A stellar journey with STL’s marquee event across continents. Hello,  It’s me again, Stellar the voice of STL with yet another interesting story of my globe-trotting. The last time we spoke, I shared my amazing 25 years of optical fibre experience which transcended boundaries and is transforming billions of lives. If you haven’t checked my […]