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The Security and Reliability of Fiber Optic Networks for Critical Infrastructure

Nations run on pillared infrastructures, and we’re not just talking about the physical ones. Various departments work in unison to keep the engines of a country running. Departments dealing with critical infrastructure like water systems, power grids, and transportation networks are vital cogs that need uninterrupted connectivity using a fibre optic network Fig 1: The […]

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5 Effects of Fibre Optic Cabling on Enterprise Infrastructure Networks

If you intend on building a campus network that requires high speeds, optimal bandwidth, and high-speed connections, then fibre optic cabling can be your ideal pick. As the demand for instantaneous access is increasing among businesses, organizational practices must assess the efficacy of their network infrastructure. High latency and slow speed will potentially deprive you of business […]

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Interesting Facts on Optical Fibre and Optical Fibre Cable

The era of internet connection has now been revolutionised with the introduction of optical fibre technology. With the incorporation of optical fiber cable, innovation has enabled millions of people around the world to achieve faster data transfer speeds. Figure 1: Interesting Facts on Optical Fibre and Optical Fibre Cable It has also modernised businesses and […]

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Driving Value with Managed Services

Technology is evolving at a consistent and rapid pace. Technology specialists are incorporating cutting-edge practices to boost the efficiency of company processes. But, with the consistent evolution of technologies, coping with new processes might be complex and time-consuming. As a company expands and grows, its IT requirements also evolve. A managed service provider, or MSP, […]

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Bridging the Digital Divide in the UK

The Digital Divide in the UK The “digital divide” is a growing concern in the UK, where access to technology and the internet remains unequal across the country. This disparity affects individuals, communities, and businesses, leading to unequal growth and opportunities. 93% of residents in rural areas in the UK have shown an increase in […]

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Debunking the Common Myths about Optical Fibre

As data-intensive applications like video streaming, online gaming, and cloud computing become more common, the need for increased bandwidth has grown, and the demand for high-speed internet has increased. Optical fibre provides faster internet speeds and greater bandwidth than traditional copper wires. With optical fibre taking the network communication market by storm, myths have been […]