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The Evolution of Storage Technologies in Data Centers

Figure 1: Components of Data Center Image source: temok.com Over the years, data centers have evolved into powerful storage hubs, driven by advancements from industry leaders like EMC2 and NetApp. Innovations like RAID, clones, and snapshots have redefined data protection, while deduplication and compression have transformed primary and secondary storage. This article explores the journey of […]

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Harnessing the Power of AI and ML in Network Services

Figure 1: banner Image source: cisco.com Integrating AI technology into various products has become a game-changer, particularly in Network Services systems. The definition of AI has expanded to encompass heuristics and probability in programming code, paving the way for more efficient data processing and problem-solving capabilities. The Machine Learning (ML) market is proliferating  globally. In […]

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A Look at Modern Data Center Design and Architecture

Data has become the lifeblood of businesses and organizations worldwide. Every day, an astronomical amount of data is generated, processed, and stored, requiring efficient and scalable solutions to handle this data deluge. Enter the modern data center, the heart and soul of data management! Data centers have radically transformed design and architecture with the explosive growth […]

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Closing the Cybersecurity skill Gap with Managed Services

Every company knows the importance of having cybersecurity professionals in-house. Cyberattacks are now common, especially since the COVID-19 outbreak, when a significant amount of digitalization took place. In 2019, ransomware incidents struck a new company every 14 seconds, but by 2021, the rate had surged to one company targeted every 11 seconds. Since then, it […]

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Managed Services for Disaster Recovery in BFSI

Seamless operations are vital in the highly competitive Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) sector. Any disruption caused by a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or hardware failure can have significant consequences. That’s where Disaster Recovery (DR) comes into play. DR is restoring critical systems and data after a disruptive event, which is crucial for maintaining business […]

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How are Managed Security Services enabling small and medium-sized businesses?

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) play a crucial role in the global economy, driving innovation and job creation. However, they are increasingly becoming targets for cyberattacks due to their limited resources and lack of robust security measures. This blog post explores how Managed Security Services (MSS) can empower and safeguard SMBs against cyber threats and […]

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Artistry and Ambition: Women at Ikigai Exhibition

They say – When going gets tough, then tough gets going. This stands true for our women artisans at Jeewan Jyoti. What started a few years back as a need to support family and contribute financially has turned into talent. And yes! Our women are shining and exhibiting their talent on different platforms. Amidst the […]

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Achieving Business Continuity through Cloud Managed Services

IT leaders are constantly implementing new technologies that can drive their businesses forward while simultaneously securing their online network and critical business data. Businesses today can achieve continuity through cloud-based services across the globe, including in remote locations. During its inception, business continuity via the cloud was an expensive service, but with more and more […]

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A New Era of Excellence: Becoming a V2.0 CMMI Level 5 Company

In the IT industry, all individuals comprehend the significance and implications entailed by CMMI Level 5 in business operations. Nonetheless, for those individuals who may not be well-acquainted with this particular terminology, allow us to elucidate its essence straightforwardly. The Capability Maturity Model Integration, commonly called CMMI, is an invaluable framework encompassing processes and behaviors. […]

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Best Practices in Cloud Migration – How an MSP can help

In today’s digital age, businesses increasingly use cloud computing for innovation and scalability. Cloud migration, the process of moving applications and data to the cloud, is crucial for this transformation. Fig 1: Banner Image source: bluepiit.com Cloud migration can’t be put on hold anymore. The global cloud computing market, valued at $445.3 billion in 2021, […]

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Building a Resilient Cybersecurity Strategy with Managed Security Services

Cyberspace is evolving constantly and presenting businesses with discerning new opportunities. Modern businesses strive to adopt new technologies quickly While these technologies may improve business outcomes and productivity, they may also bring inadvertent consequences and unanticipated risks that can have a potentially negative impact.  The global cost of cybercrime is likely to go up from […]

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Common Security Challenges Faced by Organizations and How Managed Security Services Can Address Them

Businesses must employ strong security measures to protect their data from theft and unauthorized access to stay ahead of constantly evolving hacking techniques and cyberattacks. Unfortunately, many businesses, particularly SMBs, face difficulties implementing such measures due to their limited budgets, lack of security personnel, and lack of expertise. If you grapple with similar challenges, opting […]