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Optical fiber: Scoring in the world’s biggest sporting event

More than a million fans have traveled to a Western Asian country to watch a global footballing spectacle. The quadrennial extravaganza will also see the world’s top teams compete for the ultimate glory. Fiercely backed by their respective fans, these teams will compete at the highest sporting stage in the world. While many fans will […]

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Why Your Enterprise Needs Managed Services: An Essential Guide

Managed services refer to the fast-growing practice of an enterprise handing over part or all of the management of its network infrastructure, applications, and security to another entity. It is estimated that by 2025, at least 60% of all enterprises could rely on managed service providers (MSPs). Today, nearly 90% of organizations worldwide are operating […]

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ADSS Fiber Optic Cable: What You Should Know

ADSS (All-dielectric Self-supporting) optical fibre cable is atype of self-supporting aerial fiber optic cable designed for aerial installation and deployment and is suitable for various outdoor applications. This thorough overview will cover the definition, structure, benefits, and applications of ADSS fiber cables. What is an ADSS Fiber Optic Cable? All-dielectric self-supporting optic cable is another […]

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A Guide to Optical Fibre

In today’s blog, we will cover everything that is important to know about optical fibre. Post-reading this article, you will get to know why fibre has been able to replace the traditional copper-based broadband installations. We’ve also covered all the various Fiber-to-the-X architectures and network designs. Here is a list of topics we’ll cover in […]

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Around the world in 60 Days

A stellar journey with STL’s marquee event across continents. Hello,  It’s me again, Stellar the voice of STL with yet another interesting story of my globe-trotting. The last time we spoke, I shared my amazing 25 years of optical fibre experience which transcended boundaries and is transforming billions of lives. If you haven’t checked my […]

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Fibre Broadband: The Complete Guide

Fibre broadband has been around for a long time. However, only recently it has become accessible to the average user. These internet connections are faster than the traditional ones that use copper cables. This blog covers fiber broadband: its functioning, types, and applications. What is fibre broadband, and how does it work? Fibre broadband is […]

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Introduction to G652D Fiber

ITU-T is an international organisation that sets standards for telecommunication technology. Its G65x series are standards for single-mode cables worldwide. Among them, G652 fibers are the most commonly used. And G652D fiber is the latest subcategory of the specification. What is G652D fiber, and how does it work? G652D optical fiber has been in use […]

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Introducing A1 Fiber Cables

There are 2 modes in optical fiber; single-mode fiber optic cable and multi-mode fiber optic cable. Single-mode optical fibers are further classified into G.652, G.653, G.654, G.655, G.656, and G.657 by the ITU-T. While each single-mode fiber type has its own use, we’ll discuss A1 fiber, A1 fiber optic cable, its performance, and its features […]

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Types Of Optical Fiber

We are aware that optical fiber has completely revolutionised the communications industry. A core, cladding, and coating make up an optical fiber in its simplest form, and it’s non-flammable and uses less power. Let’s take a closer look at optical fibres, their various types, how they work, and their applications in this article. What is […]

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Advances in Fibre-Optic Cable and Connectivity

Optical fibre and cable connectivity arrangements are the background technology enabling modern communication systems to achieve high speed, broad reach, and increased bandwidth. The individual components such as fibre, cable, connectors, and end-to-end fibre optic have evolved over decades to support current and emerging applications. The demand for data has reached new heights, especially during […]