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Acknowledging STL’s Constant Commitment to ESG

At STL, we stay committed to simultaneously pioneering technical innovation and redefining corporate response to social imperatives. Our continued efforts to balance non-negotiable economic interests with sustainability commitments have been emboldened, being endowed with the Silver Rating by Ecovadis for the second consecutive year. Besides elation, the moment is also one of introspection on how […]

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STL Enables 5G-ready Network Across Indonesia

We discuss the following topics in this blog: In addition to these topics, we shall also be answering the following FAQs: The Internet: Then vs Now Imagine what our digital networks can do for us 1969 was a monumental year for technology. Not many realised it at the time. On Oct 29, 1969, a team […]

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How ESG creates value for an organisation?

Over the last few years there has been a substantial rise in responsible investment by businesses. Earlier, companies either focused on social or environmental aspects that fell under the purview of CSR. Today however, they have become more conscious to ensuring aspects like human rights, anti-corruption, sustainable manufacturing and fair labour receive equal focus in […]

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How a circular economy will help India post COVID-19?

The COVID-19 situation has reiterated that climate change and associated environmental risks can no longer be ignored. It has forced us to look at different ways to ensure continuity. And we saw new trends emerge in the way technology has been leveraged, manufacturing or distribution is done, how we purchase and consume things or even […]

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Reaffirming responsible operations with sustainable manufacturing

Embracing sustainable manufacturing Protecting the planet is top priority for everyone – right from consumers to manufacturers. With consumers becoming more aware about the environmental impact of products and services, green consumerism is on the rise. A growing number of manufacturers have realized the financial and environmental benefits of sustainable business practices. Sustainable manufacturing has become […]

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Need for Sustainable Telco Operations

We discuss the following topics in this blog: Growth in the number of connected devices requires a vast network infrastructure. Data centres already consuming large amounts of power. Energy-efficient data centers. Profitable Growth Will Determine the Sustainability Roadmap Going Forward In addition to these topics, we shall also be answering the following FAQs: What is […]