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Wi-Fi is calling. Are CSPs listening?

Communication service providers are leading the digital transformation but also have to calibrate business strategies as per evolving trends. Voice is alive but the mobile voice revenues are declining in the highly competitive mobile industry. Data revenues are increasing, but they may not be able to offset the loss in voice revenues. While a few […]

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The Future is HOTspot

       The Wi-Fi phenomenon is worldwide and is growing by the day. Many researches point to the advancements in mobile data technologies and yet Wi-Fi is still preferred by mobile users mainly due to cost-effectiveness and speedy connection benefits offered. Availability of Wi-Fi hotspots is made available in coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and various other […]

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The A.B.C. for Wi-Fi Monetization

Analytics, Branding and Advertisements, Captive Portal Once considered “the other” technology, Wi-Fi, now has entered into the main line strategies of telcos. As, Wi-Fi has come to rescue to cope up with the tremendous surge in the mobile data traffic. Moreover, the rapid and exponential growth in the digitalization of various enterprises, businesses, and organizations […]

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Public Wi-Fi – bringing down the barriers

Wi-Fi, the global network of choice, has invaded the technology regime for the next generation networks. Most of the devices we use today are Wi-Fi enabled and even on the most advanced 4G handsets, 78% of the data is consumed over Wi-Fi. Simply put, Wi-Fi has become the priority network for users. Moreover, with an […]

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Catch the next wave of Wi-Fi Solutions Revolution

Meet us at Wireless Global Congress, Liverpool Global Wi-Fi Market is forecasted to grow to 33.6 Billion USD by 2020 [1]. Ever imagined what would be your share from this anticipated net worth? With the digitization fuelling in, by 2020, smartphones will represent 48.1% of global mobile-connected devices in use, and generate 80.8% of total […]

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The Wi-Fi landscape is changing…FASTA FASTA

Africa is participating in the telecom revolution as aggressively as the rest of the world albeit at a higher phase cycle. The late start gives it an advantage to enter directly with next-gen services rather than evolving from the analogue stage. The markets and user demands in Africa are quick to shift towards digital services. […]

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Wi-Fi Portals-Enabling CSPs to create a lasting impression

         It is rightly said, “You never get a second chance to make the first impression”. This thought very well holds true for the CSPs as well in terms of creating their impression on their customers. There are many customer facing platforms in the market which helps CSPs to befriend their customer by making their user […]

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Reloading Wi-Fi Offload – It’s show time for Telcos with Mobile Wi-Fi Convergence

     The digital era has empowered us with the ability to stay connected while mobile. Handheld smart devices has led to explosive surge in consumption of mobile data coupled with easy access to bandwidth intensive applications, which has resulted into clogging of mobile networks. A worrying situation for Telcos, indeed! Suddenly, Wi-Fi, a decades old technology […]

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How Wi-Fi Calling is finding its voice?

The exponential increase in the smart devices and falling call rates is pushing the voice usage services multi-folds. While voice communications continue to evolve we have entered a new era, with Wi-Fi Calling. With Wi-Fi coming in to complement existing networks and helping keep the user connected with better quality, the rise of Wi-Fi Calling […]

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Seize the Wi- Fi moment at MWC 2016

As the Mobile market continues to mature up more revenue opportunities are generated for mobile network operators, who are raring to monetize services. This is very well evident in the trend – everything is mobile, be it Finance, Healthcare, Education, Communication, Security, Home automation. Few new services are untouched by a mobile component, which is […]