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Role of Gateways in a Computer Network

A gateway is a computer on a network that provides the interface between two applications or networks that use different protocols. They are also used to provide a connection to the Internet. A gateway in a network converts information from one protocol to another and then transfers it over the web. For example, if a […]

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Difference Between a Network Hub and Network Switch

Hubs and switches have their uses in a computer network. However, they both have different mods of operation and produce different results. If you have a small network, you may only need a hub. However, with improved technology, switches are also available cheaply. In this article, you will learn to tell the difference between hub […]

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Its time to get water positive by 2030

The most crucial component of life is water. All living creatures, including plants, animals, and everything in between, need it to survive. But it’s also essential for businesses to survive. Without it, businesses are unable to run their facilities or create game-changing goods. However, there is a problem: Water is swiftly turning into a valuable […]

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Daughters’ Day Diary – My Motherhood Journey

“A daughter is the happy memories of the past, the joyful moments of the present, and the hope and promise of the future.” Every mother dreams of sharing her values, stories, and strength with her daughter. I am one of the lucky ones who got to share much more with my little girl when she […]

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All About Edge Analytics

The Internet of Things (IoT) model has attained more significance in recent times due to the advent of edge analytics. In this data-driven world, the use of data analytics is the key to developing solutions. Edge analytics is automation that helps in data collection and processing. Edge analytics and why does it matter? In many […]

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SaaS: Helping Businesses Scale Their Way to Success

What is SaaS (Software as a Service)? Software as a service (SaaS) is a kind of software distribution model where a cloud provider hosts applications and makes those applications available to end-users over an Internet-enabled network. An independent software vendor (ISV) can contract with a third-party cloud provider to host the software application. The ability […]

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Skilling for Next Generation Networks

With the advent of 5G and complex applications expected to span over the telecom industry, there is a 28% demand supply gap of heterogeneous skillsets in areas of artificial intelligence, cloud management, database intelligence, cybersecurity, programming & many more. To bridge this gap, Pune-based Sterlite Technologies (STL), through its educational initiative STL Academy, has contributed […]

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Inflationary pressures in the world of fibre and how companies are handling it

Introduction  Global manufacturers and inflation have a complicated relationship. Price increases for raw materials, labour shortages, and logistical problems are where it all begins. The combined impact of these issues could reduce manufacturing margins. This will ultimately pave the way for escalated product prices and service fees because of increasing pass-through expenses for global manufacturers, […]

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Edge AI – Driving Next-Generation AI

Edge AI amalgamates two emerging technologies of today’s digital transformation era — Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As part of this, AI applications are deployed either directly on devices or on the servers closer to the devices. Therefore, it is called edge AI. AI computation takes place at the network’s edge, close to the […]

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Meeting the insatiable appetite for fiber – How STL is boosting their presence to support America’s network builder and operators

With 307 million+ Internet users and over 90% penetration rate, the most powerful economy of the world has significantly increased its digital population. The United States of America, the country that leads technology innovation globally has millions who cannot imagine their lives without digital connectivity. Despite this, the Fibre Broadband Association (FBA) states that the […]

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G657A2 Fibers: The Panacea to the Optical Fiber Bending Dilemma

The impact of optical fibre cable deployment is now being recognised all over the globe post its massive success. However, no technology is free of its challenges. The optical fiber’s success has led to significant demand for connectivity solutions, but its deployment has one considerable issue. It eventually leads to signal loss when it’s made […]