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How PCRF can encash VoLTE opportunity

Access-agnostic service delivery, lowering platform cost for delivering them, a more flexi environment to rollout newer applications with blended multimedia services support ‘+’ the revenue increase resulting from these added new services have made carriers march towards LTE as the successive carrier technology. The LTE IMS network has evolved to support the multimedia services over […]

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Mobile Apps–Money Spinner for Telco’s

Jerry has been helping his ill father to manage his mobile bills. In the month of March Jerry’s father was wrongly billed for a service which he did not subscribe. To get the charges reversed, Jerry called operators customer care. He had to wait for 3 minutes and listen to promotional IVRs to connect to […]

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Are IP Networks merely ‘Dumb tubes’ ?

    Why despite increasing market base, Telecom operators are under tremendous pressure to better their ROI from core infrastructure investments? Having invested billions of dollars in setting up the Network Infrastructure and other support services operators are still not able to leverage them for better margins. On the other hand OTT players and useers are leveraging […]

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Smart Cities: The new frontier of opportunities for Telcos

            The concept of the Smart City been a topic of great interest of late among service providers of all kinds and is currently experiencing a major resurgence. The global smart cities market is expected to grow $1,134.84 billion by 2019 (Source: MarketsandMarkets) With this wave, in past months, India has […]

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SPONSORED DATA: Will it see the light of day?

In the modern times, “Free’ is no more a cheap word, as today’s customer is value conscious and wants returns on every penny spent, in fact some extra freebies too. In a data consumer world, it’s no different. Sponsored data enables customers to access mobile content, apps and data services without impacting their data allowance. […]

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What to expect from Next Gen BSS?

Nowadays, CIO of an operator is perhaps spending the day reviewing and reverting to mails raising almost same concern. These are a mix of emails from various departments from his company including CRM, Product Management, Marketing, Partners as well as from the management expressing their ‘deep’ concern over the continuously decreasing ARPU. This scenario is […]

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Operators can rationalize and prepare for a agile product management.

In today’s real-time data driven operator scenario, every telecom service must create next generation products and services in shorter time to push ability of differentiating products and services, and gain headstart advanatge against competitors while maximizing their revenue streams. Business processes are feeling the heat to optimize and rationalize different layers within the BSS system. […]

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Boost your Wi-Fi Business with unique monetization models – 2

With smart devices funnelling large volumes of data into telecom networks, operators and communication service providers are looking at innovative ways to deliver their services and at the same time monetize on their network investments – this is where Wi-Fi is becoming their biggest ally and delivering unique value proposition to their customers. In Continuation […]

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Boost your Wi-Fi Business with unique monetization models – Part I

With the communication service providers increasingly adopting Wi-Fi to strengthen their network efficiency – there is much more to what Wi-Fi can offer to the operator community. We are presenting some of the ways, Wi-Fi can kick-start the monetization wheel for operators.  1) Wi-Fi drives Mobile Data Offloading As operators and CSPs grapple with humongous […]

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Winning the OTT Battle, the Monetization Way

Today’s telecom operators are ready to partner with OTT players, rather than taking them as their competition – and create innovative monetization models Few years ago; to place a phone call, you picked up your phone, dialed a number and paid the operator charges. Today’s consumers have multiple choices on how they communicate via text […]