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Enterprises’ communication strategies in an AI-driven landscape

Just a decade ago, enterprise connectivity was simple. Companies could achieve the task using direct connections or cloud applications over the public Internet. Today, businesses require connectivity services that offer increased network agility, flexibility, security, performance, and redundancy for their cloud operations. What has happened? Enterprises are now getting ready for the next wave—AI! To […]

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Celebrating Pride Month at STL: Reflect, Empower, Unite

Every June, we at STL embrace the vibrant colors of Pride Month, in unity with the spirit of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging they represent. This year’s theme, “Reflect, Empower, Unite,” resonates deeply with our core values. Pride Month is a time to honor and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, recognizing their invaluable contributions that make […]

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Futureproof your enterprise networks, now

Connected digital experiences are now more important than ever. They refer to seamless, integrated interactions across various digital platforms and devices that provide users with a cohesive and personalised experience. These experiences are crucial in today’s digital landscape, where consumers expect fluidity and consistency in their interactions with brands, services, and technologies. Seamless connectivity provides […]

Building stadiums of the future

We all have experienced the live streaming of sporting events from the comfort of our homes and know the joy we get when our favourite teams are playing. Broadcasting technology has revolutionised how sporting events are telecasted from the stadium to our smart televisions. But the magic and thrill of watching a game live sitting […]

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Transformation of Optical Network Through Reduced Clad Fiber

The increasing demand for high-bandwidth consuming applications and telecom services,  are driving the exponential growth of data traffic[1]. This leads to the deployment of ultra-high data rate optical transmission systems in C-band operating at 100G to 800G and beyond and also C+L optics can be utilized in a standard single mode fiber[2]. These advances have […]

Building a robust in-building digital infrastructure

India’s young population continuously demands natively smart infrastructure to cater to high data consumption and better living. In the era following the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the demand for data. Here are some stats: The demand for digitally enabled, reconfigurable, and spacious homes has also risen significantly post-pandemic. A large part […]

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Fostering Inclusion at the Workplace!

As this is the month of celebrating International Women’s Day, it prompts us to reflect on the theme of inclusion, which transcends mere acknowledgment and delves into creating environments where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best selves. Hi, I am Rahul Puri, Regional Sales Head – Europe and MEA, STL, and […]

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Without the women in the optical industry, STL wouldn’t be where it is today!

In the pursuit of excellence and innovation, every day, we are recognizing the invaluable contribution that diversity brings to the table. When individuals with diverse ways of thinking collaborate, it creates a fertile ground for creativity and problem-solving.  But true diversity, particularly diversity of thought goes beyond having individuals with varying perspectives in a group. […]

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Women at Work: Celebrating Their Influence and Impact

March is a time to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of women around the world by celebrating International Women’s Day. And what better way to honour the occasion than by reflecting on their invaluable impact on my professional journey? Hi, I am Daniel Romer, Sales Head – North America, STL and I am here to celebrate […]