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Skilling for Next Generation Networks

With the advent of 5G and complex applications expected to span over the telecom industry, there is a 28% demand supply gap of heterogeneous skillsets in areas of artificial intelligence, cloud management, database intelligence, cybersecurity, programming & many more. To bridge this gap, Pune-based Sterlite Technologies (STL), through its educational initiative STL Academy, has contributed […]

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Inflationary pressures in the world of fibre and how companies are handling it

Introduction  Global manufacturers and inflation have a complicated relationship. Price increases for raw materials, labour shortages, and logistical problems are where it all begins. The combined impact of these issues could reduce manufacturing margins. This will ultimately pave the way for escalated product prices and service fees because of increasing pass-through expenses for global manufacturers, […]

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Enabling Fiberisation: Creating Networks for the Future

Data consumption is growing everyday, whether at home, workplace or on the move. The amount of data people produce and consume every day is truly mind-boggling. Disruptive events like the recent covid-19 pandemic lead to large traffic bursts and demand for data. The pandemic resulted in millions of people worldwide using video conferencing for learning […]