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75% Operators Feel Good about their Enterprise Data Offerings – only 10% Enterprises Agree

Some of the critical challenges operators face in serving their enterprise IT customers include their inability to address enterprise IT heads’ demand for data services control within and outside the organization, and, assuring a fixed monthly cost that won’t fluctuate due to the huge unpredictability in data usage among enterprise employees. In fact, scratch under […]

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Elitecore Named “Cool” by Leading Analyst Firm

Elitecore has been named by Gartner as “Cool Vendors” in Communications Service Provider Operational and Business Infrastructure, 2012 Report. Most of us associate “cool” with rap artistes, sports athletes, movie stars, German cars, French wines, Italian clothing, Japanese cameras, American TV shows and British accents. A corporation earns the right to label itself cool when […]

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Elitecore Wins 6th National Telecom Award 2012

We are extremely pleased to announce that Elitecore has been recently conferred the 6th National Telecom Award at a CMAI Award ceremony in New Delhi, India. This was for the second year in a row we were recognized in the category – “Innovation in Turnkey Solutions Product – OSS/BSS.” Our innovation is being applied in […]

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Smooth User Experience Crucial for Wi-Fi Offload

In a previous blog entry, we saw how operators worldwide are leveraging the Wi-Fi offload mechanism to reduce their CapEx on 3G services. The reality, however, is not a cake walk with most operators facing challenge on how to bundle 3G with Wifi along with Technical integration challenges Here, operators are finding great difficulty in […]

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The Mobile Broadband Story

The ongoing 3G-4G evolution has opened a Pandora’s box of revenue threats for service providers as they struggle to find ways in accommodating the growing data appetite of next-generation smartphone users while trying to monetize the same. Enjoy this thrilling movie where you put yourself in the operator’s driving seat, trying to out-maneuver the data […]

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Giving a Hi5 to Wi-Fi: Pun Intended

Elitecore was present at the 2012 edition of Mobile World Congress, Barcelona’s annual jamboree for the who’s who of telecom industry. With over 65000 attendees and nearly 1500 companies, we saw several interesting developments from mobile industry: superphones like Galaxy Beam, enterprise apps, Mobile money, Cloud-based technologies etc. Another interesting note was Wi-Fi offload generating […]