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Reshaping the Future of computing with Edge Data Centers

Similar to “IoT” and “AI,” “edge computing” and “edge data centers” have torn the buzzword bubble and are gaining significant traction worldwide due to their perks. Enterprises, cloud service providers, and telecom companies are investing heavily in digital edge DC to boost the speed of applications like streaming video, telemedicine, factory automation, etc. In addition, these data center types enable new […]

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Why data localization is essential

The time-old cliché “data is the new gold” rings truer than ever. Data is essential to the operation of the digital economy. In addition, data centers are used to store, manage, and analyze data. Since the data center ecosystem in India is flourishing, a “National Data Centre and Cloud Policy” is urgently required. The process […]

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Data Science: A Complete Guide

Data science has been reshaping almost every industry with massive hiring growth over the last few years. Data is the most valuable asset, and businesses are eager to put time and money into analyzing heaps of data and focus their output on generating the highest ROI.  The data science market is set to grow from […]

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Power in a Three-Phase Circuit Explained

You can make two types of AC circuits: single-phase and three-phase. The single-phase circuits are easier to implement but are less efficient than three-phase circuits. On the other hand, a three-phase circuit‘s design and setup are costly. However, the operation cost will be much lower because of its power transfer efficiency. In this article, you […]

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Role of Gateways in a Computer Network

A gateway is a computer on a network that provides the interface between two applications or networks that use different protocols. They are also used to provide a connection to the Internet. A gateway in a network converts information from one protocol to another and then transfers it over the web. For example, if a […]

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Difference Between a Network Hub and Network Switch

Hubs and switches have their uses in a computer network. However, they both have different mods of operation and produce different results. If you have a small network, you may only need a hub. However, with improved technology, switches are also available cheaply. In this article, you will learn to tell the difference between hub […]

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Data Localization For Data Centers

Table of Contents When is data localization needed? How does data localization work? Benefits of Data Localization There is a new saying that data is gold for this generation. The foundation of the digital economy is entirely dependent on data. To organize, manage, store, and process the data, a specialized facility known as a data […]

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Building Secure Data Center Networks

How to build secure data center Data center security is transforming all the time. The need for fully equipped data center security solutions results from constantly changing regulatory requirements. Also, cloud migration and the increased frequency of cyberattacks are pushing the envelope for building a more secure data center network. The cyber-attacks globally have increased […]

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Know all about Data Centres

Business requirements and technology are both continually changing. Data centers are also adapting to meet future demands. The incredible growth of cloud computing and other digital technologies has also made data centers more important and useful. What is a data center? Data centers store, exchange, and access digital information on physical or virtual servers that […]

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Turn to Data Center Services and Transform Your Business

Back in 2006, British mathematician Clive Humby famously said, “Data is the new oil.” Fast forward to the present, and the biggest tech companies, such as Alphabet, will tell you how relevant that statement is today. By 2025, the combined digital data generated globally could exceed 180 zettabytes. No wonder several industries have turned to […]

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Data Analytics: Uses and Capabilities

Data Analytics can provide organizations with an edge with benefits like streamlining operations, personalized experiences, risk mitigation and improved security. Businesses and industries need it to understand their customers, likes, dislikes, etc. And based on the result, they can improve their productivity. This article intends to tell you about data analytics, its uses, and its […]