A Unique Approach to Data Centre Design and Deployment

Data demands have spiked to new levels in 2020 owing to emergence of Internet of Things devices and edge computing requirements. The enormous volumes of data generated is posing the challenge in both distribution and concentration of data. They would require robust networks for analytics, AI and other data-intensive applications. The Data Centres will not only drive this disruption but will also be shaped by it.

Addressing ‘More with Less’ imperative with DSEE 360o

The exponential data growth necessitates more white space, rack densification, processing power, speed, structured cabling, better cooling with less power, less energy, less hassle, and lower costs. The need of the hour is to opt for a Data Centre design strategy that could solve these new-age imperatives for building high-performance Data Centres.

We take a 360o oversight approach for an end-to-end expedited execution of data centre design and management. Right from site selection to power infrastructure to survey, planning, vendor & procurement management to risk management, we do it all for all your Data Centre requirements.

STL 360o is a unique approach that re-imagines Data Centres, not a monolithic establishment, but as a constantly evolving ecosystem, where accelerated value can be generated across the board, through concepts of design thinking, automation, and virtualisation.

Some key insights into Data Centres ‘Design Thinking’

STL’s unique approach to Design and Deployment

A Data Centre ecosystem that is highly secured and futuristic

Optimizing connectivity for Data Centres

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