Data Centre Buildouts for a Highly Efficient Ecosystem

We have entered the 2020s and newer data trends require organisations to manage soaring data demands along with computing capabilities. By 2022, 70% of the data will be created outside the Data Centre or cloud. The Data Centre developers are trying hard to keep pace with these accelerating business demands for more storage and compute resources. They are always looking out for newer technologies that can improve Data Centres’ infrastructure, performance, scale and economics. Read More..

The need of the hour is a complete rethinking of Data Centres design and management. With our expertise, we deliver a more efficient, manageable and scalable Data Centre build outs that evolve with your organisation’s business requirements.

Our Cloud-native Data Centre technology empowers enterprises to build and run scalable applications in modern, dynamic environments such as public, private, and hybrid clouds. It gives better resource efficiency, allows multi-cloud (switching between public clouds or running on multiple ones) and hybrid cloud (moving workloads between your data center and the public cloud).

Our consultants provide support at every stage of the vendor management — right from the procurement, supply chain management, and design compliance to onsite coordination and risk & time management. We understand that Data Centres are becoming more and more virtualized. Going forward, software-defined architectures will be employed for the next level of virtualisation. Our team of experts handles the physical deployment of all the necessary hardware, software and network technology in the most efficient manner to generate hybrid solutions for creating a seamless customer experience. Read Less..

Here is how we create smart buildouts that enhance infrastructure performance

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Designing and building futuristic Data Centres

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White & Grey Space

Our team of Data Centre design experts use a combination of space planning, strategic deployment and virtualisation to maximise the white space. We create grey spaces with the right balance of capacity and optimum cost efficiency. We analyse future capacity needs and optimum requirements, for a given application or service.

Orchestration & Virtualisation

Virtualisation has changed the Data Centre space to a great extent. Our virtualisation solutions help your organisation achieve improved efficiencies and controls. The many more benefits of virtualisation include reduced hardware and OpEx, improved scalability, reduced provisioning time, great compute power, and disaster recovery.

Containment Solutions powered by Vulcan

We offer an exhaustive range of hot & cold aisle containment solutions and products tailored to suit customer’s needs. We have expertise in producing solutions around limited ceiling height and complex overhead pathways, making STL aisle containment solutions an excellent choice for both brownfield and greenfield Data Centres.

Security Solutions

We completely understand the nuances of a profound security system in a Data Centre and carry out all forms of security work to make sure that your assets are in safe hands. Our Sensron+ solution utilises Fibre Optic Sensing (FOS) technology providing accuracy and speed while being low on maintenance, which makes it ideal for intrusion detection sensing applications.

Smart Hands

Our Smart Hands service provides onsite management, custom installations, and equipment assistance 24X7, 365 days a year. Services include troubleshooting, installations, configurations, surveys, asset tracking, patching, testing, rack & stack, and networking hardware.

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